The Best Souvenirs to Bring Back Home From Israel

 Jerusalem, Israel | ©Adam Jang/Unsplash
Jerusalem, Israel | ©Adam Jang/Unsplash
Photo of Lior Kantor
21 December 2017

After having an amazing time exploring different cultural sites, beaches and local cuisine in Israel, you’ll want to bring something home as a token of your wonderful vacation. Or maybe, you want to bring back a little something for the jealous friends and family you left behind! Here’s a roundup of souvenirs you can only find in Israel.


Despite its small size, Israeli wines are world-renowned, and you’ll be surprised to discover how good Israeli wines can get. With several wine regions, the most prominent are the Galilee, the Negev, the Judean Hills and the Zichron Ya’acov area.

Amphorae Israel Wine | ©StateofIsrael/Flickr


If you’ve been to Israel, then you must know by now that tahini is something you should take very seriously. Israelis put tahini on everything. It is essentially a paste made of ground sesame seeds, packed with iron, calcium and other nutrients, and it is also absolutely delicious. One of the best things you can take back home with you, tahini, made in Israel, is the absolute best – it’s sure to boost your meals with both flavours and nutrients.

Halva & Tahini in Jerusalem | ©Sandi/Flickr


This Israeli national snack, Bamba, is a peanut flavoured snack loved by Israeli children – and probably anyone who tries it. Bamba, which takes up 25% of Israel’s snack market, has seen basically no decline in sales since it was first made by Osem in 1964. Available in different pack sizes and several flavouring options, Bamba is the taste of Israeli childhood.

Bamba | ©beth h/Flickr


Judaica is essentially the art of items used for Jewish ceremonial purposes. Unsurprisingly, Israel is the best place to find Judaica artifacts, such as Passover trays, Hanukkah Menorahs or a Mezuzah. These days, Judaica goes hand in hand with many artworks and products designed by Israeli designers, making it the ultimate gift to bring back home, either as an artwork or as a Judaica item.

Mezuzah | ©

Dead Sea products

The Dead Sea, the world’s biggest salt lake, which borders Israel from the west, is also the lowest elevation point on earth and one of Israel’s top destinations. One of the most renowned things about it is the mineral-rich mud found at the bottom of its beaches, which is used for healing and cosmetic treatments and products all over the world. Not only is this a perfect gift to bring from Israel but it’s also a healing and pampering gift to get for yourself!

The Dead Sea | ©Vladislav Bezrukov/WikiCommons

Turkish coffee

Israeli black coffee, also known as Turkish coffee, is more than a beverage, it’s a cultural asset. Served at any restaurant or cafe, and super easy to make, it’s usually served boiling as mud coffee, either with or without cardamom. Especially popular at Israeli/Arab restaurants and outdoor picnics, Turkish coffee is definitely something you want to take back home to remind you of Israel.

Black Coffee | ©IRENE COCO/Unsplash

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