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The Best Places for Soup In Tel Aviv, Israel
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The Best Places for Soup In Tel Aviv, Israel

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Israel, like other countries in Eastern Europe, eats cold dishes in the summer, but when the winter months arrive, the soup obsession begins. As we get deeper into winter, here are the best soup joints to visit when in need of a warm and comforting bite in Tel Aviv.
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Sweet Potato Soup | © Wonderland Kitchen
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This vegetarian gem began as just a soup restaurant in the winter of 2013. While they have now expanded to include hummus and shakshuka, the main focus of Kiki is vegan-based soup. If you’re hungry, go for the large bowl. The soups from Kiki are bold and full of flavor and their sweet potato soup is thought to be divine, creamy, smooth and not to be missed.

Kiki, 147 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-054-5575577

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Lilush Panini Café

All year round, you will find an extensive menu available at Lilush’s well- known and well-loved establishment. During the wintertime, 11 soups grace the menu of this wonderful café. As Israeli’s love to curl up to a warm bowl of soup during the winter, this addition has become an anticipated part of the year for Lilush patrons.

Lilush Panini Café, 73 Frishman, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-03-529–1852

Fresh Kitchen

Fresh Kitchen is well-known for providing delicious and health conscious meals. This restaurant has also bought into the Tel Aviv winter soup craze and has not disappointed. As the name suggests, the soups are made from the very best and freshest ingredients. The soup dishes are treated with the utmost respect and care which is reflected in the flavour. Don’t forget to try their afternoon soup deal.

Various locations across Tel Aviv

Falafel Gabai

Gabai is a Tel Aviv gem. With two locations, one off of Yirmahu and one on Bograshov, almost all Tel Avivians in the know are aware of this falafel treasure. Known for fantastic local fare, many are unaware that Gabai makes some of the best soup in the area. During the winter months, soups selections are changed almost daily and there are usually four to choose from. Once you order, you will shortly be greeted with a huge bowl of warming soup with a delicious yet simple piece of homemade bread.

Falafel Gabi, 26 Bograshov or 269 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-03-6297080