The Best Places For Sahlav In Jerusalem

Ben Ami | © Eliana Rudee 

Ben Ami | © Eliana Rudee
Sahlav is to drinks as a bread pudding is to desserts. Decadent, filling, sweet, and warming…it is a comfort drink like no others, and just one of the unique drinks that Israel has to offer. We list the best place to try this quintessential drink when you are in Jerusalem.
Ice Aroma © Leanna Benisty


Aroma is an Israeli staple; the Starbucks of Israel, if you will. Its sahlav is also a staple for those who love the drink. Garnished with coconut, walnuts, and cinnamon, Aroma’s sahlav drink is a classic, but it is only served on the winter menu in Israel. It comes with the signature Aroma milk chocolate minibar. Unwrap the chocolate and send it to the bottom of your sahlav for a chocolate treat at the end of your drink.

Locations all over Israel

Courtesy of Ben Ami

Ben Ami Café

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Ben Ami is a great café and boutique patisserie on the hip and boutique-y street of Emek Refaim. Its sahlav is one of the most decadent in Jerusalem. It is ultra thick, with a heaping amount of coconut, walnut, and cinnamon on top, separated into sections on top of the sahlav.
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It is safe to say that Cofizz is one of the biggest hits in current-day Israel. With coffee, alcohol, soups, sandwiches, and, of course, sahlav, Cofizz is the place for sahlav on a budget. The mix is simple, yet it satisfies the craving for sahlav without breaking your bank. If you are sensitive to cow’s milk, however, this may not be the place for you.

Locations all over Israel

Tmol Shilshom © Eliana Rudee

Tmol Shilshom

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Shakshuka | © Eliana Rudee 

Tmol Shilshom is a quaint bookstore and café that features unique food and a vibe perfect for bookworms. Its sahlav is the fluffiest of the sahlavs, with plentiful coconut, walnuts, and cinnamon. The sahlav is served in the signature Tmol Shilshom hot drink cup, a rustic glass cup with a metal handle. The restaurant is tricky to find, but there are signs from Yaffo Street that point toward the alley where it is located.
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Nisan’s | © Eliana Rudee
Kadosh’s sahlav is served year-round, making it one of Israel’s most attractive cafés, no matter the season. Kadosh combines the Middle Eastern café culture with a vintage northern European vibe. The baked goods that go well with sahlav also make Kadosh one of the best places for sahlav in Jerusalem.
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Nisan’s 'World of Coffee'

Market, Israeli
Nisan’s ‘World of Coffee’ is on an outer street of the Machane Yehuda Market; so hidden that there is no sign outside with the name of the café, although it appears that there used to be one. Nisan’s is an intimate café environment, so the service is friendly and the barista is sure to offer personalized recommendations. A very thin sesame cookie accompanies the drink.
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