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DJ | Marcela Laskoski/Unsplash
DJ | Marcela Laskoski/Unsplash
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The Best Nightclubs in Tel Aviv

Picture of Lior Kantor
Updated: 27 November 2017
Tel Aviv is known as the non-stop city, and with good reason – it is a true 24-hour city. Its nightlife options include everything from intimate spots to all-night-long mega-club raves, with the latest being a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Check out some of the city’s best clubs, which make it one of the best nightlife destinations in the Middle East, if not the world.
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The Block

Located in Tel Aviv’s dingy Central Bus Station, The Block is a world-renowned club and a Tel Aviv hipster favourite. The world’s leading DJs and musicians are regularly hosted in this venue and along with its persistent crowd, its state-of-the-art sound system makes it one of the ultimate nightlife destinations Tel Aviv has to offer. Keep in mind that a block party usually starts long after midnight, so plan for an all-nighter!

The Block, Shalma Rd 157, Tel Aviv-Yafo, +972 3 537 8002

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Teder FM

Nothing like a typical mainstream nightclub, Teder is a pop-up radio bar – an internet radio station that broadcasts live for four months every summer. A hipster haven, Teder used to change its location every summer until it finally settled in the cool Beit Romano compound in Southern Tel Aviv. Opt for this alternative nightlife venue to drink, dance and mingle with Tel Aviv’s coolest crowd until the very early hours of the night/morning, where you can indulge in the Teder’s renowned pizza.

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Teder FM, Derech Jaffa 9, Tel Aviv-Yafo, +972 3 571 9622

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The Breakfast Club

A Tel Aviv institution, The Breakfast Club is actually one of two adjoining nightclubs that together form The Breakfast and Milk Club. This after-hours club is frequented on weekends, in all hours of the night, and throughout most of the morning as well. This 10-year-old establishment has hosted many acclaimed Israeli and international DJs playing all sorts of electronic music to help you dance the night away.

The Breakfast Club, Rothschild Blvd 6, Tel Aviv-Yafo, +972 3 510 0101

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Anna Loulou

Located in the heart of old Jaffa, this dance bar is a one-of-its-kind place. Something between an underground bar and a cultural centre, its manifesto includes no discrimination and no favouritism. The dance floor is regularly visited by all sorts of people – women, men, Jews, Arabs, straight, gay, old and young – it hardly matters – whoever wants to dance and have a good time is welcome.

Looks like the Israelis know it too 😍 #PubCrawling #BathroomGraffitiWisdom #Jaffa

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Anna Loulou, HaPninim 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Beit Maariv

Hebrew for “The House of Maariv”, this venue used to host the newsroom of the Israeli newspaper, “Maariv”. It was recently re-opened as an underground nightclub and it very quickly established itself as one of the best in the Tel Aviv nightlife scene. Now home to some of the top local and international house DJs, it is the place for an overall music experience.

Beit Maariv, Menachem Begin 51, Tel Aviv-Yafo

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Radio EPGB

Just off Rothschild Boulevard, Radio EPGB is one of Tel Aviv’s favourite hipster hangouts and home to indie electronic music in Tel Aviv. A super cool and always trendy underground club, this edgy nightlife venue attracts some of the city’s coolest party people, locals and tourists. This is a place you should plan to arrive early at since it tends to get packed on the weekend.

מזל טוב @gurfi!

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Radio EPGB, Shadal St 7, Tel Aviv-Yafo, +972 3 560 3636