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Courtesy of @karabinovych Instagram
Courtesy of @karabinovych Instagram
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The Best Hookah Bars In Jerusalem

Picture of Jasmine Esulin
Updated: 9 February 2017
It’s known as hookah if you’re American, nargilla in Hebrew, hubly if you have South African roots, and shisha if your mother tongue is Arabic. Regardless of the term you choose, this cultural phenomenon has become an essential part of going out in downtown Jerusalem. Smoking hookah is just one of many iconic middle eastern activities at your disposal in Israel’s City of Gold.
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Habibi Bar

Although it’s located in the heart of Jerusalem and is surrounded by plenty of other bars, Habibi Bar has a secluded feel to it. It has an authentic vibe with stone walls, Indian-style pillows, straw mats, and middle eastern music. Habibi Bar is known for its wide variety of hookah flavors, ranging from the classics to uniquely Israeli combinations.

Habibi Bar, 9 Nahalat Shiva Street, Jerusalem

Zolli’s Pub

One of the best parts about Zolli’s is that during happy hour you can get beer or cocktails for less and hookah is usually included in this deal. Zolli’s has a lively and upbeat atmosphere, with music and packed tables. If you’re looking for a place with great food, and drink, in addition to hookah, Zolli’s is the full package.

Zolli’s Pub, 5 Rivlin Street, Jerusalem

Courtesy of Zolli’s
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Tuvia Bar

Tuvia Bar has one of the best atmospheres in the whole of Jerusalem. What makes it unique is its local tap beer and friendly staff. Tuvia in Hebrew stems from the word tov, meaning goodness, and this place is full of it. In the heart of Jerusalem and surrounded by good people, food, and hookah, Tuvia Bar delivers.

Tuvia Bar, 6 Shoshan St. Jerusalem, +972 50 900 0055


Shuka is one of the newer bars in Mahane Yehuda’s noteworthy bar scene. In addition to having one of the most exciting locations, Shuka also serves locally produced alcohol, and on Wednesday evenings, it provides a platform for cultural and political speakers. It is clearly one of Jerusalem’s more socially conscience hookah lounges. Shuka, 17 Haegoz Street, Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem