The Best Things to Do For Free in Jerusalem

Jerusalem | © Arno Smit / Unsplash
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Updated: 15 January 2018
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Jerusalem is a favourite tourist destination for its incredible variety of art, culture, architecture and food, providing the ultimate combination of past and present. While some of the unique experiences available in this magnificent city cost money, there are so many things to check out completely free of charge! Here are the top things to do for free in the holy city.

Tour the Old City

Immerse yourself in the rich, one-of-a-kind old city, which provides an outstanding link between the old and the new. You can easily walk around the walled one-kilometre area and explore the fascinating past of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim people.

Walk down Yafo street

Jerusalem’s first street out of the old city, Yafo street was paved over 500 years ago to connect the old city to the Mediterranean sea, and to this day it makes for a major route that crosses the city, with the light rail’s red line passing through it. Yafo is one of the nicest streets to walk through in this city, full of little shops, restaurants and pop-up installations.

Explore Machneyuda Market

Although it may be difficult to spend time at Machneyuda market without actually spending money in one of the local food vendors, this is an experience you don’t want to miss out on. Soak in the market’s atmosphere, sounds and scents, and of course, flavours.

Produce at Jerusalem market

Browse Bezalel Arts Fair

Bearing the same name as the renowned art academy in Jerusalem, the Bezalel Arts Fair takes place every Friday on Jerusalem’s Bezalel Street and brings together more than 150 artist stalls to feature and sell unique art.

See the Chords Bridge

Designed by renowned Spanish architect, Santiago Calatrava, the Chords Bridge is the first thing you see upon entering Jerusalem and it is one of Israel’s top architectural landmarks. The bridge was designed to host the red line of Jerusalem’s light rail, as well as to act as a walking passage.

Visit Yad Vashem

Entrance to the Jewish Holocaust museum and the surrounding Holocaust memorial sites, which are located in Mount Herzl, is free of charge and open to visitors six days a week. The official memorial and museum for victims of the Holocaust, the impressive compound is dedicated to telling their story and honouring the victims.

Discover Ein Karem

Ein Kerem is a picturesque tranquil village in the west of greater Jerusalem. Surrounded by beautiful views of the Jerusalem hills, Ein Karem is a place many artists opt to settle in, making it all the more picturesque.

Walk down Via Dolorosa

Walk down the same path Jesus walked through on the way to his crucifixion over 2,000 years ago. Discover Via Dolorosa, which translates to the ‘Way of Sorrows‘, and immerse yourself in this place’s incredible history. There are 14 stations along this path, based on what occurred on the way to the crucifixion site.

Fifth Station at Via Dolorosa

Tour the Knesset

The Knesset is the unicameral national legislature of Israel. The Knesset building, which opened a new wing in 2007, is open to visitors and includes a Visitor Center, running tours and activities for visitors in Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German and Russian.

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