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The Top Places For Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine In Tel Aviv

The Top Places For Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 25 October 2016
Tel Aviv offers a wide array of foods from different cultures. Whether you want Italian, Thai, Japanese, or Mexican, Tel Aviv has an abundance of restaurants that allow you to indulge in whatever your craving might be.  Israeli’s love their local and authentic Mediterranean cuisine. Here is a list of the top restaurants to get your Mediterranean fix.

Falafel Gabay

Falafel Gabay serves up the freshest falafels, homemade soups and a wide variety of toppings for your falafel. Located near the Tel Aviv Beach on Bograshov, Falafel Gabay promises authentic Israeli cuisine in a friendly environment.

Falafel Gabay, Bograshov St 25, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 629 7060


‘Shakshuka’, fried eggs in a piquant tomato and pepper stew, is a classic Israeli breakfast. The delicious tomato base with poached eggs is a Mediterranean delicacy and Shakshukia knows how to do it with all the frills. No matter what kind of Shakshuka you get, it is always fresh and full of flavor. Reinventing the signature dish with add-ons like goose breast or eggplant, Shakshuka will awaken your taste buds with Middle Eastern flavors and leave you very satisfied.

Shakshukia, Ben Yehuda St 94, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 522 3433

Shakshukia Courtesy of Anna Andriienko/Instagram

Shakshukia Courtesy of Anna Andriienko/Instagram


This trendy joint transforms the classic Israeli pita by stuffing it with delicious snacks, meat, fish, veggies and even fried bananas with melted chocolate. Miznon serves everything in their fluffy signature pitas except for the whole roasted cauliflower. This fresh Mediterranean inspired street food is where all the locals go for quick, delicious, and affordable food.

Miznon, Ibn Gabirol St 23, Tel Aviv Israel, +972 3 716 8977

© Sydney Goldberger

© Miznon|Sydney Goldberger

Abu Haasan

For almost 40 years the Abu Hassan family has been serving the best hummus in the city. This restaurant strictly serves hummus, but promises the best quality. Enjoy the renowned hummus in a vibrant and upbeat authentic atmosphere.

Abu Hassan, 14 Shivtai Israel St, Jaffa, 03- 682-0387

Abu Hassan | © Sydney Goldberger

Abu Hassan | © Sydney Goldberger

Ha Achim

The ‘Doctor’ brothers, Asaf and Yotam  have opened up their culinary doors to the Tel Aviv community and provided fresh and contemporary Israeli food. If you go for lunch or dinner, you definitely won’t leave hungry. Ha Achim delivers the freshest foods with honest ingredients and never disappoints.

Ha Achim, Ibn Gabirol St 12, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 691 7171

© Ha Achim | Facebook

Courtesy of Ha Achim

Hummus Abu Dhabi

This unique environment, channelling a convergence of reggae and Israeli culture, serves you the best hummus with the best attitude. Hummus is deeply embedded in the culinary culture of Israeli food, and Abu Dhabi’s version is a real treat for hummus lovers.

Hummus Abu Dhabi, 81 King George Street, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 525 9090

© Hummus Abu Dhabi|Rebecca Carmi

Hummus Abu Dhabi |© Rebecca Carmi