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Courtesy of L'Entrecôte
Courtesy of L'Entrecôte

The Top 10 Steakhouses In Tel Aviv, Israel

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Updated: 30 September 2016
It is often said that a way to make someone happy is through their stomach and Tel Aviv has an exceptional selection of choices for the carnivorous culinary scene.  For all the meat lovers, here is a list of restaurants and steakhouses with the most worthwhile steaks in town.

Meat Bar

If you are lusting after a high-quality juicy and flavorful steak, Meat Bar is for you. The meat is fresh and delivered straight from a farm to the restaurant. This warm and welcoming venue offers outdoor and indoor seating decorated in wooden furniture. Inside the main dining area is a well-equipped bar with high stools where you can enjoy a drink or two while waiting to be seated. Meat Bar, also branded as ‘the temple of meat,’ has a really friendly staff who are willing to recommend their personal favorites or simply recommend what they think is best depending on your mood. 

Sderot Chen 52, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 695 6276

@Courtesy of Meat Bar

Courtesy of Meat Bar

Shine & Sharp

Shine & Sharp, named after the co-owners, restauranteur Ya’ankale Shine and retired basketball star Derek Sharp made a quick name from themselves as an amazing meat place. Shine & Sharp’s beautifully designed restaurant leaves many satisfied and wanting to come back for more. A highly recommended steak is their sirloin steak and entrecôte steak. 

Yigal Alon St. 65, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 536 4755

@Courtesy of Shine and Sharp
Courtesy of Shine and Sharp


Goshen is one of the leading Kosher meat restaurants in Tel Aviv. Its interior is softly lit and modernly styled with marble floors and wooden furniture. Although the restaurant is not small, the décor still offers an intimate vibe when dining. Understanding the flavor of the meat is the principle, and Goshen’s meat is perfectly grilled to your exact specification with a soft and flavorful touch. Their menu is a true meat lover’s dream that displays all of the finest cuts. 

Nahalat Binyamin St 37, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 560 0766

@Courtesy of Goshen

Courtesy of Goshen

Rak Bassar (Only Meat)

From the minute you walk in the door, the staff at Rak Bassar are at your service. Their menu is usually located on the wall in Hebrew, but the waiter or butcher will have no problem explaining all their different cuts to you. Rak Bassar gives you the option of designing your own meal and choosing the style of cut you would like to eat, instead of choosing from a menu. A salad comes before your meal for you to enjoy, and once the meat arrives it is still sizzling from being fresh on the grill. With every meal you order, there is a 15 NIS wine charge, which is really a bargain since you can drink all you want. 

Shalma Rd 19 Tel Aviv, Israel,+972 (0)3 681 3590

Raoul Wallenberg St 14, Tel Aviv, Israel,+972 (0)3 644 4822

@Courtesy of Rak Bassar

Courtesy of Rak Bassar


Tucked into the picturesque and historic Palatin House, L’Entrecote is a high-quality kosher French meat restaurant that lives up to its name and serves entrecôte as their main dish. Their French menu with Mediterranean influences is a guaranteed pleaser to anyone who dines at their restaurant. Serving high-end dishes, each dish is served in French style and comes with sauces on the side, letting you choose what you prefer at your own discretion. L’Entrecote steaks come perfectly cooked and delicious for you to enjoy. 

Ahad Ha’Am St 28, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 633 7733

@Courtesy of L'Entrecote

Courtesy of L’Entrecote


Located in a classier part of town, this restaurant has kosher carnivores often drooling about their steaks that are hard to beat. Meato’s modernly decorated and styled restaurant offers a large array of seating indoors and outdoors for intimate dinners or special occasions. Meatos offers a variety of different and delicious wines to go with your perfectly portioned dish. 

Weizmann St 2, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 693 2002

@Courtesy of Meatos
Courtesy of Meatos


Located at the top of the tallest building (Azrieli Tower) in Tel Aviv, 2C is a unique kosher restaurant where you can dine and enjoy the breathtaking view. 2C’s menu offers a list of delicious meat and four different cuts of steaks to choose from. Each dish does not only taste good but is exceptionally designed to look good, too. Their food is certainly enjoyable, but what completes the experience is the view. 

Derech Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 608 1990

@Courtesy of 2C

Courtesy of 2C

Rio Grande

Rio Grande is a must-try for steak lovers. Named after an old city in Brazil, Rio Grande decided on their name because of the famous reputation Brazil has for their steaks. Their steakhouse is structured on two levels. A main floor with an open kitchen displaying their meat and grill, a comfortable bar, scattered intimate tables and shared wide tables. On the top floor is a private room that is available for events for up to 25 guests, it also functions as a smoking area. Each of their juicy and high-quality steaks are served with your choice of side dish, either baked potato, smoked pumpkin, or stir-fried mushrooms. 

Herzl St 4, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 (0)3 573 7277

@Courtesy of Rio Grande

Courtesy of Rio Grande

Hudson Brasserie

Hudson Brasserie  is a trendy American-style brasserie, with features of Latin America and the far east. With their high-quality meat, they call themselves the ‘meat experts,’ and after you take a bite out of your steak you might be inclined to agree with them. 

Magdalei Or, Habarzel 27, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 (0)3 644 4733

@Courtesy of Hudson Brasserie

Courtesy of Hudson Brasserie

Makom Shel Basar (A Place For Meat)

Makom Shel Basar is one of the leading meat restaurants in Tel Aviv. Set in an old world building in Jerusalem stone, it was one of the first houses built in Neve Tzedek. Their name pretty much reveals everything: a place for discerning carnivores. Offering only steak as their main course, their meat is professionally handled and served how you like it. 

64 Shabazi Street, Neve Tzedek Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 (0)3 510 4020

@Courtesy of Makom Shel Bassar

Courtesy of Makom Shel Bassar