Tel Aviv's Little Sister: Discover the City of Holon

Tel Aviv's Little Sister: Discover the City of Holon
The city of Holon sits next to Tel Aviv and has in recent years reinvented itself as a city of art, culture, and design. Renamed the Children’s City it now has much to offer for visitors of all ages. A visit to Holon will surely leave a lasting impression. Read about some of the top things to do while exploring this up-and-coming city.
Holon Design Museum © Jael Ancker

Design Museum Holon

Design Museum Holon opened in 2010 and has since became one of the world’s leading museums of design and contemporary culture. The museum was designed by world-renowned architect and designer Ron Arad. The building itself is an architectural masterpiece with its curved façade and ribbon-like steel bands coloured red, rust, and orange. The museum was named one of hottest destinations on the Mediterranean by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine. Design Museum Holon houses regularly changing exhibitions from contemporary to historical design from Israel and around the world. The current main exhibition boasts 25,000 objects and 19,000 designs from the Alessi Museum Collection.

Invitation to Silence /Israeli Children’s museum © Tal Kirshenbaum

Israel Children’s Museum

The Israel Children’s Museum offers an unforgettable interactive experience for all ages. This unique museum houses three interactive and experiential exhibits. The Dialogue in the Dark exhibit has blind guides lead museum guests through dark and designed places to show sighted people the experiences of being blind. In the Invitation to Silence exhibit hearing-impaired guide leads visitors through a world of silence. In the final exhibit, Dialogue with Time, guides aged 70 and over attempt to give insight into their world. All three exhibits require a pre-booking. All three exhibits are must see and very thought provoking.

Holon Cactus Park © Jael Ancker

Holon Cactus Park

Holon Cactus Park is an enchanting public park that combines cactus plants with art. It has a rich collection of 600 cactus species, a waterfall and sculptures scattered among the cacti. The park was opened in 1976 with cacti from a private collection and has since grown to include plants from other collections. The cactus park also houses a cactus nursery and a bird house with a variety of lovebirds. Guided tours are available for groups. The park is open from Monday to Thursday and on Saturdays, but in the summertime only on weekdays.

Holon Cactus Park © Jael Ancker

Holon Story Gardens

If you are visiting Israel with children, the Holon Story Gardens are a must visit. Israeli artists joined forces to create unique story gardens with environmental sculptures, inspired by children’s stories. Holon Story Gardens were established a decade ago, and today there are 50 books represented. The entire garden is a public space that has been turned into live storybooks.

Yamit 2000 waterpark © Yamit 2000

Yamit 2000 Waterpark

An essential part of summer in Israel is a visit to a water park. Yamit 2000 Waterpark in Holon is one of the biggest water parks in Israel. Enjoy swimming in an assortment of heated and covered pools. Slide down one of the 20 different water slides. Splash around in the waterfalls, play some water games, or climb through the thunder water tunnel. If slides aren’t your thing, you can head to Yamit Spa and experience the jacuzzi pools, saunas and a Turkish Hamam. Yamit 2000 is a great place for the family to spend a hot summer day.

By Jael Ancker

Jael Ancker is from Finland and has settled in Tel Aviv after having lived in Venezuela and the USA for a few years. She actively writes a popular food blog, and a travel blog about Tel Aviv. Jael is a foodie who loves the Tel Aviv foodie scene, as well as everything the city has to offer. Follow Jael on Instagram.