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Stocked Shelves | Courtesy of Papier
Stocked Shelves | Courtesy of Papier
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Tel Aviv's Best Stationery and Paper Craft Stores

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Updated: 4 April 2018
In a digital world where everything and everyone is typing away on their tech devices, there are a few shops that are still clinging to the now ‘lost art’ of handwritten notes and stationery. There is something timeless and innately human about receiving an actual card on a special occasion; a physical piece of evidence trapped time that has far more significance than an email. The paper game is coming back strong in Tel Aviv, where vintage and a personal touch take center stage. Rediscover pen and (really nice) paper with these lovely shops.


Papier is a stationery shop that gives any interior design store a run for its money with its black and white theme, and super symmetrical product inventory. Designed by Sharon Brunsher and Shiran Rockaway, and made in Israel, Papier’s product line encompasses all things paper with additional touches of leather and wood.

Papier, Sderot David Hamelech 1, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-73-759-9125


Charming and quaint are the two best words to describe Yooletta. Founded in 1989 by Ami Guetta and Assaf Yulzari, this picturesque paper shop holds a never-ending variety of paper goods, including, post cards and specialty celebratory cards, calendars, gift-wrap, prints, and an enormous selection of notebooks.

Little shop of Charm | Courtesy of Yooletta
Little shop of Charm | Courtesy of Yooletta

Yooletta, Sderot Masarik 19, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-3-616-8446


Founded by Itzik Maimon, Notbook was a passion project that opened in 2003; an ode to his love for all things paper. Notbook houses a plethora of paper products, from notebooks and sketchbooks, to notepads and cookbooks. This unique shop uses recycled elements from older books to create new, clean and artistic paper products. Situated on Montefiore Street, its historical surroundings complement the shops vintage feel.

Notbook, Montefiore 25, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-3-566-4356

Vintage Feel | Courtesy of Notbook
Vintage Feel | Courtesy of Notbook

Pulp – Shop

A partnership between two paper obsessed families, Covo and Federbusch, Pulp – Shop is truly a family-owned desktop accessory paradise. Pulp – Shop supplies modern twists to old-school supplies. Their ‘clutch’ pencils are a creative’s best friend, allowing for a range of functions that any old No. 2 pencil couldn’t dream of. Their functional notebooks have extra features to store writing utensils – nothing is left unthought-of. When it comes to having a gorgeous desk, their ‘Dream Journals’ and paper blocks and organizers are the perfect addition; whether writing or sketching, they are gorgeous on any tabletop.

Pulp – Shop, Sarona Market, Aluf Kalman Magen Street 3, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-50-422-7777

PAPER | Courtesy of Pulp – Shop
Smart Paper | Courtesy of Pulp – Shop

Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center

Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center is a mecca for all things Tel Aviv. This special facility houses a shop with gloriously detailed books and posters of Tel Aviv’s architecture and design. One of the most unique items in this little shop of wonders is a puzzle of Tel Aviv, displaying the famous Bauhaus building named “The Boat House.”

Tel Aviv Bauhaus Center, Dizengoff 77, Tel Aviv | +972-3-522-0249

The Bauhaus Center | © Wiki Commons

Made By Hand

Slightly farther away from the center of Tel Aviv, Made By Hand is a one-stop-shop for all things paper and craft. Situated in Giv’atayim, a suburb of Tel Aviv, this quaint workshop space includes paper, fabric, and sowing materials to help create the perfect exceptional piece of personalized art or product.

Made By Hand, Tfutsot Yisra’el St 4, Giv’atayim | +972-3-528-5477

Sewing | Courtesy of Made By Hand
Sewing | Courtesy of Made By Hand