Tel Aviv's Beaches: 7 Hacks To Survive This Beach Season

© Christian Haugen | Flickr
© Christian Haugen | Flickr
Photo of Jess Fried
9 February 2017

Escaping the heat and spending the day at the beach is quite common for people visiting, or living in Tel Aviv. Check out these Tel Aviv beach hacks to make your day at the beach relaxing and care free!

Put your smart phone in a small clear plastic bag

We’re in the days of smart phone addiction, and it seems as though we can’t live without them. But bringing our phones to the beach is a hassle because of the dangers of sand, water, sunscreen, and more! So what should you do? Put your cell phone in a small clear plastic bag. It will protect your phone from sand, sunscreen, water, and you can still use the touch screen through the plastic bag!

© Jorge Lascar | Flickr

Bring a fitted sheet to the beach

Going to the beach and trying to escape the sand is NOT easy. It gets on our towels, in our food and anywhere else you could imagine. Bring a fitted sheet to the beach and use coolers, bags or any heavy items to prop up the corners of the sheet to create your own sand-free oasis!

©Giligershon | Instagram|

Baby powder to remove sand

There are many horrors of becoming covered in sand after a swim in the Mediterranean Sea. The sand just seems to stick to you everywhere! The key is to use baby powder. Rubbing a little bit of this magical powder removes sand from all places such as, hair, feet, and legs. Its easy, simple, affordable, and most importantly keeps you clean and sand free!

©Taniadimas | Pixabay

Use lemon juice for natural highlights

Going to a hair salon and getting highlights can be extremely pricey. Which is why we all secretly want those inexpensive, natural sun highlights. Look no further! Putting lemon juice in your hair creates those natural sun highlights that we’ve all been searching for. It works like a charm!

© Jess Fried/Instagram

Sew a pillow to your beach towel

As you know, lying on a towel on the beach can be quite uncomfortable, and ‘renting’ a beach chair is out of the question. But we’ve found a solution! Sew a small pillow at the top of your towel to create your own personal beach bed. It’s so comfortable you won’t even realize you’re lying on the ground!

© Gregor | Pixabay

Attach your key to a cork

We all know that one person who loses everything – especially their keys. Here’s a tip to never lose your keys again at the beach! Attaching a key to a cork not only makes it larger and more visible, but it will float in the water!

© Vatyana_talk/Instagram

Always wear sunscreen!

People often underestimate how strong the Israeli sun is! Use sunscreen to protect yourself from extremely painful burns. Sunscreen is the number one beach hack to ensure your day is enjoyable and pain free!

© Ileeet/Instagram