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The Best Spots To Get A Frozen Treats In Tel Aviv
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The Best Spots To Get A Frozen Treats In Tel Aviv

Picture of Kira Bloom
Updated: 15 November 2016
Summers in Tel Aviv are amazing; the beach beckons, the people watching is diverse and the heat is high. Just because Tel Aviv’s heat level is breaking new records, you don’t have to suffer. Cool off by treating yourself to one of Tel Aviv’s top frozen delights.
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Tamara Yogurt

Tamara isn’t your typical frozen yogurt place. Boasting more than 20 topping choices, including chocolates, fruits, nuts, cookies and more, you can mix and match to your heart’s content. Choose your yogurt flavor, unlimited toppings and top it off with chocolate sauce; you’ll be set to battle the heat. Ranging in sizes from small to large, this spot also has fruit bowls and fresh popsicles.

Tamara Yogurt, Ben Yehuda St 96, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 523 4449

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Night Kitchen

Night Kitchen is a unique dining experience with fresh made-to-order meals. Offering seasonal dishes and cocktails, the restaurant’s crème brûlée lollipop is amazing year round. Served as a frozen ball of custard surrounded by brûléed sugar, these lollipops taste even more delicious than they look. With a side of raspberry and vanilla bean coulis for dipping, it is the perfect frozen treat to end a meal.

Night Kitchen, Lilienblum St 43, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3 566 0481

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Café Xoho

Catering predominantly to the Anglo crowd, Café Xoho is a bakery and restaurant that is also vegan friendly. Great for brunch, Café Xoho also offers an ice cream cookie sandwich. Choose your two cookies from the homemade assortments (the monster cookie is highly recommended) plus your favorite ice cream flavor for a perfect combination of yummy.

Café Xoho, Gordon St 17, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 72 249 5497

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Fruit smoothies are a great way to cool off and enjoy a healthy snack. Shakespree has a huge variety of smoothies and juices. Recognized by a record player that spins with a ginger root atop, Shakespree is also referred to as the ‘rotating ginger place.’ With no added sugar, you can get specialty items like kale, chia seeds and more added to your drink. Their banana, date and pecan smoothie is a favorite and is guaranteed to rejuvenate you after a day at the beach.

Shakespree, Dizengoff St 99, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 54 709 6496

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Tamara Smoothies

A separate branch of the same company, Tamara Smoothies is located just a few blocks away from Tamara Yogurt. Their smoothies are great, but it’s worth making a special trip for the banana ice coffee, a truly special treat. Ice coffee, contrary to its name, is not simply chilled coffee with ice; it is a mix between a slushy and a coffee-flavored milkshake. The banana complements the ice coffee into a distinctive sweet treat.

Tamara, Dizengoff St 171, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 03 523 4445