Where To Eat Chinese Food In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv | © israeltourism/ Flickr
Tel Aviv | © israeltourism/ Flickr
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23 January 2017

Well-cooked Chinese dishes stress three main points – appearance, smell, and taste. In an old Chinese saying, it is believed that well-cooked Chinese food offers gentlemen happiness (君子以飲食宴樂). With an increasing number of Chinese people visiting Israel, a growing number of Chinese restaurants are springing up: check out our pick of the best places to find great Chinese food in Tel Aviv.

Wok Republic

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Wok Republic is a street food restaurant engaged in bringing Asian street food to Tel Aviv. Due to the authenticity of the materials and chef, many classic dishes, such as shanghai noodles and mixed rice, will transport you firmly back away from Israel and into China. Wok Republic mixes sour and sweet, just like the mixture of Shanghai food and Cantonese dishes. the cooking processes can be observed through the glass window, and guests can even talk to the chefs directly about their favorite taste.

China Court

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Dim Sum
Dim Sum | © Pixabay
China Court has a very convenient location just a few minutes’ walk from the beach. The restaurant serves good Chinese food in an elegant environment with excellent service. The food in China Court has been adapted slightly to meet the demands of locals, but at the same time, the spirit of China and the unique flavors can still be tasted.

Street Steamed Buns

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Steamed Pork Buns
Steamed Pork Buns | © Ewan Munro/ Flickr
This particular restaurant is too small to have a board with its name on advertising its presence to the crowds. The Chinese steamed buns and dumplings served here are delicious. Condiments in this restaurant are completely authentic and imported from China. The taste of the food has not been modified to meet Israeli preferences, but it is authentically Chinese and all the better for it. Buy a packet of buns and dumplings to take-away and continue exploring the beautiful Israeli city.


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Furama focuses on crafting excellent Cantonese food, especially dim sums – small bite-sized, or individual portions of food served in small steamer baskets. Due to the small sizes of the dim sums, you can taste a variety of dishes, such as dumplings, flaky pastry, rice noodle rolls, turnip cakes and sweet cream buns in one meal for a reasonable price. In China, dim sums are usually made for brunches, but are modified into a delicious, fast food in Furama. Food arrives promptly and most of the dim sums are charmingly colorful, and even have special shapes.

Peking Duck House

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Pecking Duck
Pecking Duck | © vxla/ Flickr
Peking Duck is a very traditional Chinese dish. Duck has been roasted in China for 1500 years and the Peking duck has become the must-eat food for visitors to Beijing. This dish is quite rarely seen outside of China, as it is costly and time-consuming to make. Nonetheless, the Peking Duck House brings this delicious dish to Tel Aviv, prepared to perfection. Even though the oven and the woods for duck roasting are different from those in Beijing, the taste of the Peking duck in this restaurant remains delicious. Besides roasted duck, a wide selection of Chinese dishes and dim sums can also be found.