Tel Aviv in Transit: Top 10 Ways To Get Around Tel Aviv

Your personal form of transport in Tel Aviv is a matter of choice, and the options are endless. The bicycle trend has developed over the last 10 years with Tel-O-Fun bike rental stations on every corner. Electric cyclists whiz down Rothschild, while others prefer to take it slow and walk around the city. The talented mind behind the popular visual city portrait Tel-Avivi, urban photographer Ido Biran, shows us the top commuting options in our bustling White City of Tel Aviv. Follow Tel-Avivi on Facebook and Instagram for more stunning shots.

Israel’s Railway Courtesy of Ido Biran/ Tel- Avivi

The Commuter

Tel Aviv boasts a relatively new and impressive overground railway system. In a quick and civilized manner you can zip around the country while using the railway’s useful WiFi to catch up on work. Ticket prices are reasonable and it’s a pretty easy system to figure out as a non-native Hebrew speaker. As a less crowded alternative to the bus, many Tel Aviv residents use the city’s central HaShalom station to get to Ben Gurion Airport in matter of minutes.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Serious Cyclist

Tel Aviv residents take their vehicles seriously, and the same applies when it comes to bicycles. Many are investing in the most expensive, top of the range bicycles to show off around the city. Cycling is really the best way to get around the city, and Tel Aviv in recent years is starting to look a little like Amsterdam.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Old Timer

Cars have always been a popular method of transport in the city. One drawback, though, is that it can be a real pain to find parking. Similar to New York City, most people avoid owning a car like the plague until they have settled down and moved to the suburbs. Driving in Israel can be tricky for foreigners, with many ballsy drivers on the road. Most cars in Israel are standard hatchbacks, but if you’re lucky you’ll spot a real old timer with a beautiful retro vehicle.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Tel-O-Fun Cyclist

For all you commitment-phobes, the municipality of Tel Aviv solved all your problems with its city bike rental service Tel-O-Fun. Borrow a bike for 30 minutes, return it at one of the many stations and forget about having to worry about locking it up. This is the perfect solution for those not wishing to invest in an expensive bike.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Runner

Running is a national pastime in Israel. With marathons taking place up and down the country, Tel Aviv is host to several of them. The White City’s flat roads are an ideal place for training and keeping fit, and the tayelet (or boardwalk) is a stunning running route to catch the sunset.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Bus Passenger

Tel Aviv residents have been using the bus service for years, and Israel’s bus companies Dan & Egged are still going strong. The system and routes can seem confusing, but in the last few years many apps like Moovit have been developed to help commuters navigate the transit routes. As long as you get a smiley and patient bus driver, it’s a great way to get around the city.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Backpacker

Israel is a natural haunt for world travelers and backpackers, and Tel Aviv is filled with tourists from all over. You can spot tourists carrying a giant suitcase on their backs and looking slightly lost. For tourists and backpackers alike, the best way to see Israel (and of course the city) is with our God-given feet. With spring weather finally here, Tel Aviv is a perfect city to get lost in.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Surfer

Surfing isn’t a conventional transport method, but it’s perfect for thrill seekers. Summer’s approaching and it’s the perfect season to learn to ride the waves in our beautiful Mediterranean Sea. There are countless surf schools along the tayelet, and you can often spot kids as young as 7 braving the waves. New Tel Aviv trends now include SUP (stand-up paddleboarding), and if that doesn’t challenge you try SUP yoga (dog included), a complete balancing act.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Biker

Israelis are adrenaline junkies, and the roads are no exception. It’s hard to miss the loud motors taking off throughout the city. In addition to motorbikes, Tustus (scooters) are also a popular choice for nipping around the city. Deliveries are mostly made on these, and don’t be surprised to see everything including the kitchen sink piled on the back of it.

Courtesy of Ido Biran/Tel-Avivi

The Taxi Cab

Taxis swarm the city of Tel Aviv, and it’s a pretty easy (albeit expensive) way to get around. They offer a comfortable Plan B transport option if all else fails. Hail, jump in and meet the most interesting characters Israel has to offer. The driver will offer to have you over for Shabbat dinner, or set you up on a blind date with his cousin’s son. Either way, it’s always entertaining.

By Deborah Moher and Ido Biran

Deborah is The Culture Trip’s Tel Aviv Director of Culture. Catch us on our TLV Twitter and Instagram.

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