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Protest at Chelouche Gallery
Protest at Chelouche Gallery
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Tel Aviv Art Spotlight: 'Cabin Fever' at Chelouche Gallery

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Updated: 6 January 2017
Melanie Daniel’s latest exhibition, Cabin Fever at Chelouche Gallery is closing its doors Saturday, 11th June after a two month exhibition.
Cabin Fever at Chelouche Gallery | Courtesy of Melanie Daniel
Cabin Fever Installation at Chelouche Gallery | Courtesy of Melanie Daniel

‘Cabin Fever’ refers to a seasonal anxiety and madness caused by prolonged confinement in a cramped or remote place, traditionally during the winter; perhaps this was Daniel’s state of mind at times of absolute sub zero temperatures in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, the city in which she was born.

Tired, Tired at Chelouche Gallery
Tired, Tired at Chelouche Gallery

Daniel’s paintings are figurative, narrative and hallucinatory, at times embodying that of a children’s storybook and in fact, children’s illustrated books and cartoons are some of Daniel’s influences.

Cannibals at Chelouche Gallery
Cannibals at Chelouche Gallery

Melanie Daniel is currently living and working in Israel, but with both Canada and Israel being expressed in her works.

Cabin Fever closes Saturday 11th June 2016

Chelouche Gallery, 7 Maze St, Tel Aviv