Your Tel Aviv Vacation: Rental Vs. Hotels

Photo of Chaviva Fiskus-Karon
6 September 2018

Vacationing in Israel is a great way to enjoy some rest and relaxation. Perhaps, you already have your sights on a nice hotel in Tel Aviv, but there are many other choices for you to consider. Like all major cities, you have many a wonderful hotel, in all shapes, sizes and budgets, but many holiday-goers have turned to renting out apartments in order to give themselves freedom, manage their budget and explore the city from a different angle.

Vacation Rentals | Courtesy of Israel Vacation Rentals

Vacation By The Beach

The beachfront apartments in Tel Aviv are everyone’s go-to destination. A few minutes on the internet will provide comprehensive lists of companies and individuals providing luxurious accommodations with all the latest amenities to make your stay in Tel Aviv a special one. So if you’re not out enjoying the renowned Tel Aviv night life, you can stock your fridge and use the oven or microwave to make yourself an evening meal made with fresh local ingredients from the Carmel Market. The cable TV and free Wi-Fi will also allow you to research and be entertained during your vacation.

Tel Aviv Beach by Sunset | Courtesy of @Serecm93

Many people love to stay by the beach because of its perfect positioning — close to the area of the city with some of the best clubs, bars and restaurants and along the stunning coastline promenade. You can easily reach other parts of the city from anywhere along the beach. While you consider a coastline view, the old port of Jaffa has some of the most incredible outlooks on the whole city. Jaffa’s old market, ancient ruins and lively character make for a unique rental experience.

The heart of Tel Aviv city

If you’re not committed to a beach view, there are other very stylish and luxurious parts of the city, like Dizengoff Street and Ibn Gabirol Street in the center of the city. You can really feel the livelihood of the city from the center, and you can see far more of the culture and historical areas this way.

Shuk HaCarmel | © Brooke Yalof

Booking your stay in Tel Aviv

Laguris one company that lists real estate company listings to provide a vast range of renting possibilities. You can view pictures and contact the owner or manager of the property to discuss the details. This may not provide the most luxurious options, but if you’re on a tight budget, this is a good place to start.

Homeandawayis the other side of the coin, listing wonderful luxurious options with great selections of properties to rent throughout the city. It’s definitely not for the budgeting family but something for a special vacation.

Flipkeyis the latest international renting craze receiving some high-profile publicity. Tel Aviv is a city in their network, so you can very simply identify the apartment you want with per night pricing, available dates and amenities and book your time. There is a starred review system that can give you an idea of what previous tenants have thought about the particular option, which will help you make a decision. Flipkey lists a greater range of options so that you can find a selection for any taste or budget.

Rothschild Boulevard | ©Avishai Teicher/WikiCommons

With the choices available it’s easy to find something that fits in your price range: from budget-friendly options to the right luxury hotel or apartment in Tel Aviv. You might even find yourself renting a celebrity designed house with the best the world can offer and style you could expect to see in New York, London or Paris. The opportunities are endless, and it’s your choice to decide.

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