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Staycation In Tel Aviv: Summer In The City

Staycation In Tel Aviv: Summer In The City

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Updated: 23 May 2016
For those of you who have decided to take a break from travelling the globe and are going to brave the heat of Tel Aviv, you’re in luck: living in a city like Tel Aviv means you get to have all the vacation fun right here. Summering in the city gives you the opportunity to just relax, try new things and become more familiar with different parts of the city. Tel Aviv is a top vacation destination so having fun and staying in town will be a breeze. Here is your guide on how to make this staycation the best summer possible.

To the Beach

The season is finally here! Whether you prefer the dog beach with all your fluffy friends or Frishman Beach, it’s time to put on your swimsuits and flock to the sea. There are a multitude of things you can do on a hot summer day at the beach, from taking a dip in the water to cool off to playing on the warm sand to perfect your tan. You can also bring your paddles to liven up your day with a noisy fun game of matkot, or if you’re looking for a slightly quieter game, head over to Bograshov beach for some volleyball. There’s always surfing and if you’re looking for something new and fresh, check out Sup Yoga, where they teach you to do yoga on a surfboard.

To Cool Off

In the summer months keeping hydrated is important, so keeping a water bottle around is crucial. But water isn’t your only option for hydration: you can stop by the Tamara Juice kiosk on Ben Gurion for a drink made specifically to your own tastes, making your tastebuds sing with happiness, or you can head down to Levinksy Market and search out Café Levinsky 41, where they take carbonated water, fresh herbs, greens and home made fruit syrups to make you a personalized soda.

Dizengoff St. 171, Tel Aviv, +972 3-523-4445

Levinsky 41, Tel Aviv, +972 58-448-8480

Courtesy of Cafe Levinsky 41

Courtesy of Cafe Levinsky 41

To Eat Out

You can find and enjoy incredible falafel, shwarma and sabich on most street corners, but as this is your vacation, try splurging a little on the amazing culinary delights that Tel Aviv has to offer. Have a fancy night out at Mizlala where chef Meir Adoni will astound your palette by combining the freshest ingredients with a variety of cooking techniques and a lot of passion. If you have trouble making choices off a menu give OCD a call. All you have to do is tell them about your dietary restrictions and they will plan a nine course meal with an eye to perfection. All you have to do is show up and enjoy.

Nahalat Binyamin 57, Tel Aviv, +972 3-566-5505

Tirtsa St. 17, Tel Aviv, +972 3-556-6774

Courtesy of OCD

Courtesy of OCD

To Party the Night Away

Tel Aviv has a well deserved reputation for incredible nightclubs. So let your hair down, put your makeup on and get ready to dance. The city is littered with clubs, from Shalvata at the Port of Tel Aviv to Clara at the Dolphinarium, all of which offer the hippest music and a night you’ll never forget. However, if you have two left feet, take the opportunity to try out a new cocktail bar instead. The Imperial and 223 are two good places to start as they are both incredible with tasty, unique drinks and a fun loving atmosphere.

Hanger 28, Namal Tel Aviv, +972 3-544-1279

Dolphinarium, Tel Aviv, +972 54-740-6024

Hayarkon St. 66, Tel Aviv, +972 73-264-9464

Dizengoff St. 223, Tel Aviv, +972 3-544-6537

To Escape

If the travel bug does bite, there are still tons of day trips you can take to fulfill that itch without booking a last minute airline ticket. Rent a car and drive up to the relatively undiscovered Bahai gardens of Acco, which are just as beautiful as the ones in Haifa but with fewer people to disturb your musings. If you’re not interested in something so structured as a garden, Israel has an astounding number of hiking paths. If that doesn’t fit your fancy maybe a spa day at the Dead Sea will. Don’t forget to visit historical sites such as Beit Shearim, only about an hour away by car.

To Go to Events

Staying in Tel Aviv means not missing out on all the cool summer festivals throughout Israel, and in Tel Aviv especially. There is the  Pride Parade with drag shows, floats and festive music. The International Student Film Festival takes place at the Cinematheque. The Holiday of Shavuot falls in mid June this year; not only can you celebrate by eating cheesecake at home, but head to the Hatachana to savor the food stalls, children’s shows, and family workshops. And of course there is Laila Lavan, one of the biggest events of the year: this is the night where the city never goes to bed and shops stay open all night long, with different types of parties throughout the city. Finally, if nothing else, you’ll have a fantastic time at Tel Aviv Water War 2016.