Piling A Pita, Tasty Fillings To Enjoy In Israel

Piling A Pita, Tasty Fillings To Enjoy In Israel
When you are walking around the city of Jerusalem, you will notice an abundance of street food offered in different flavors, shapes and size. The most popular street foods in Israel are falafel and shwarma. Served in a pita or lafa, both locals and tourists can enjoy a cheap, fast and delicious meal. We check out how to deviate from the norm and enjoy street food with variety.


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The Sabich sandwich appeared when the Iraqi Jews immigrated to Israel. It defines an Israeli sandwich as you won’t find a sabich anywhere else in the world. A Sabich sandwich is a pita filled with fried eggplant slices, hard-boiled eggs, hummus and pickles, topped off with tahini and a generous drizzle of amba, which is a pickled mango sauce. The place to eat a sabich is at the Sabichiya in the heart of town. Watching the chef make the sandwich is a work of art and worth going just to observe the process. Distinctive flavor and a real authentic touch is what makes the Sabichiya a real Israeli foodie experience.
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Tunisian Sandwich

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A Meurav Yerushalmi at Stekiyat Chatzot
A Meurav Yerushalmi at Stekiyat Chatzot | A Meurav Yerushalmi at Stekiyat Chatzot
A Tunisian sandwich is a deluxe deep fried pita and the unique fillings are what makes the sandwich stand apart in a league of its own. A basic Tunisian sandwich is made from a deep fried pita lined with a paste made called harissa, canned tuna, hard-boiled eggs, baked potatoes, and pickled lemons. The place to get this sandwich is also named after the sandwich, the Tunisian. Located in the industrial neighborhood of Talpiyot, off the typical tourist’s path, go with friends and enjoy this deep fried delicacy.
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A Meurav Yerushalmi at Stekiyat Chatzot © Magnus Manske/Wikicommons

Meurav Yerushalmi

A Meurav Yerushalmi is made of a unique type of meat filling for a pita pocket. Translated to English it’s called a Jerusalem mixed grill sandwich. Composed of a mix of lamb, turkey and chicken spiced with a hint of cumin and turmeric, you really taste the Middle East in this sandwich. The best in the city is served at Stekiyat Hatzot, a Jerusalem landmark located outside the Machane Yehuda market.

Musakhan from Philadelphia Restaurant © Kokaly/Wikicommons


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Musakhan is a highly popular dish amongst the Arabic population around the old city in Jerusalem. Composed from roasted chicken, onions and pine nuts and accompanied with spices like sumac and allspice, this winning combination is served on a pita. The best musakhan in the city can be found at the Philadelphia restaurant. Located in the friendly neighborhood of East Jerusalem, Philadelphia serves not only Mediterranean cuisine but Asian cuisine as well.
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