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North Tel Aviv's Top 10 Brunch Spots

North Tel Aviv's Top 10 Brunch Spots

Picture of Ruthie Berber
Updated: 9 October 2016
In Tel Aviv, Brunch is the most important meal of the day. Tel Aviv is home to many divine culinary variations on traditional breakfast foods and showcases a variety of spectacular brunch spots. If you find yourself in the White City’s chic Northern neighborhoods, then don’t miss these top ten spots for delicious brunches.
Indulgent Brunch at Nola: Biscuit Eggs Benedict and Salmon Nola Breakfast | Courtesy Ruthie Berber

NOLA American Bakery

A little slice of genuine New Orleans kitchen, this bakery is filled with delicious breakfast delights. Their freshly baked goods include real American bagels and Southern-style biscuits (scones) that serve as ideal bases for some bacon, poached eggs or smoked salmon. Accompanied by traditional hash browns, creamy sauces, a refreshing cold drink served in a mason jar and a crunchy vegetable salad, NOLA bakery is a solid brunching spot. Perfect for those in the mood to indulge, breakfast lovers, bagel fanatics, as well as those craving some sweet sweet treats. Make sure to try the incredible pies, cakes, cupcakes or brownies to finish off your American dining experience.

Nola American Bakery, Dizengoff 197, Tel-Aviv, Israel, +972-3-523-0527


Delectable French toast
Delectable French toast | Courtesy Hilinka


Hilinka is a homey and strategically located cafe on the Northern high street, Arlozorov. The unique menu includes smoked salmon brioche, goose breast and fried egg ‘indulgent breakfast.’ The coffee is great, the staff is friendly and the food is fresh and exciting. Don’t miss their delectable specialty French toast topped with apples and dripping with honey and berry sauce.

Hilinka, Arlozorov St 76, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-3-535-5220


Generous Galilee Breakfast
Generous Galilee Breakfast | Courtesy Café Nimrod

Cafe Nimrod

Cafe Nimrod’s enormous breakfast has made quite a name for itself. Try the Galilee Breakfast, a banquet complete with fresh cheeses, savory pastries, eggs, drinks, a mountain of salad and other delicious delicacies inspired by Northern Israel’s hilltop cuisine. The concept is to bring guests the relaxing nature and distinct flavors of an Upper Galilee village. This Northern treat brings the best of the country’s northern atmosphere, kitchen, and regional herbs, and even provides guests with discounts and information about activities and events in the Galilee.

Café Nimrod, Yorde Ha Sira 1, Hangar 8, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-77-213-3007


Divine Eggs Florentine
Divine Eggs Florentine | Courtesy Grinberg Bistro

Grinberg Bistro

Grinberg Bistro is a chef restaurant-meets-delicatessen venue combining all the perks of a New York deli with a French brasserie. It serves a satisfying, hearty range of breakfast options, such as the classic croque madame and berry-full NY pancakes. Try the oozing egg’s Benedict topped with bacon, or eggs Florentine topped with spinach and smoked salmon, dripping with their tart hollandaise sauce. An assortment of bread accompanies the colorful breakfast, complete with versatile dips, and the piquant meat-lovers Shakshuka Mergez.

Grinberg Bistro, Uri Tsvi Grinberg St 25, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-613-6132


Summer for Breakfast
Summer for Breakfast | Courtesy Java Café


JAVA is conveniently located minutes from the beach and close to the main hotels. This cafe is a hip and low-cost bar by night and by day you can try their famed juicy Shakshuka. This summery chill-out spot is well designed, full of life-loving inspirational quotes, beach memorabilia and outdoor seating for soaking up rays. Enjoy a generous acai bowl adorned with coconut, granola and fruit for breakfast or indulge in a bourekas (savory filo pasty) or French toast along side a creative brunch cocktail.

Java Café, Ben Yehuda St 196, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-744-0466


Fresh Focaccia and assorted Mediterranean Fish Tapas
Fresh Focaccia and assorted Mediterranean Fish Tapas | Courtesy Seatara


Seatara provides you with an idyllic and unrestricted view of the Mediterranean Sea; located above a private and quiet northern beach, it is a lovely way to start the day and enjoy fresh Mediterranean cuisine. Seatara has a menu packed with unusual and delicious brunch options, including focaccia, light fish tapas and seafood pastries. The breakfasts are generous and inventive and include fun additions like smoked goose and grilled asparagus.

Seatara, Rosenblum Herzl 8, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3-699-6633


Classic Breakfast
Classic Brasserie Breakfast | Courtesy Brasserie

Brasserie M&R

The Brasserie M&R is renowned for 24-hour fine dining, though their breakfasts are actually very affordable, tasty and filling. Their selection of elegant brunching options includes berry pancakes, eggs Florentine, and freshly baked pastries with jam and butter. The classic breakfast option includes a drink and pastry basket and is beautifully presented. The traditional brasserie-style menu, coupled with the chic and simple design, makes for a fabulous breakfast or brunching experience, while overlooking Tel Aviv’s renowned cultural town square, Kikar Rabin.

Brasserie, Ibn Gvirol 70, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-696-7111


Scrumptious Fruity Pancakes
Scrumptious Fruity Pancakes | Courtesy Zorik


Cafe Zorik offers outdoor seating, cutesy multi-colored dishes and lots of hanging plants. The food is delicious and inexpensive; try breakfast options such as the fruity pancakes which are both scrumptious and Instagram-worthy.

Zorik, Yehuda HaMaccabi St, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-604-8858


 Croque Madame
Croque Madame | Courtesy Reviva and Celia

Reviva and Celia

Reviva and Celia is located inside the upscale Northern apartment and retail complex, Tzameret G. Their freshly baked bread is perfect for a sandwich, the selection of cheeses is impressive and their fine pastries are very tasty.

Reviva and Celia, Nissim Aloni St 10, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-546-6090


Croissant de Paris
Croissant de Paris | Courtesy Café Albert Brasserie

Cafe Albert Brasserie

Cafe Albert Brasserie is great for picking up something fresh and on-the-go for breakfast. Breakfast options include a variety of tasty pastries and Cafe Albert only uses good quality products to create visually appetizing creations with a stylish French touch.

Cafe Albert, Ramat Aviv Mall, Einstein St 40, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-684-3222