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Toast with wine | © Karolina Grabowska/Foodiesfeed
Toast with wine | © Karolina Grabowska/Foodiesfeed
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New Restaurant Openings in Tel Aviv to Watch Out For in 2018

Picture of Lior Kantor
Updated: 5 January 2018
Tel Aviv is one of the world’s best foodie destinations due to its incredible variety of culinary establishments, the flow of fresh and interesting produce and the locals’ dedication to food. New restaurants open up (and sometimes close) before you can even say Jack Robinson! If you want to stay in the know, check out this roundup of the hottest establishments set to open this year in Tel Aviv.

Disco Tokyo

The new Japanese fusion Izakaya by Tel Aviv’s prominent restaurant group, R2M, who run Hotel Montefiore, Bakery, Brasserie, Creme, Rothschild 12, Delicatessen and Coffee Bar, is definitely one of 2018’s most talked-about venues. The restaurant is set to open in January on Herzel St, along with the moving of Rothschild 12, which will, unfortunately, have to shut its doors due to renovations in the current building. The new venue will combine the diner-bistro-brasserie style of R2M group, along with a Japanese Izakaya-inspired menu and Rothschild 12’s everlasting trendiness. Everyone around the city is holding their breath for this opening!

New Beginnings

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Greco Herzliya

One of the most loved and successful Greek restaurants in Tel Aviv, Greco is a tavern currently set quietly in a residential neighbourhood in northern Tel Aviv. In January 2018, another branch of the restaurant is set to open in the business area of Herzliya Pituach as part of the Isrotel Publica Hotel. The menu, besides some additions and takeaway lunch options, will be very similar to the Tel Aviv menu, which is based on authentic Greek cuisine, slightly adapted to the Israeli palate. You can either come as a group to share some of the hot and cold mezes and sharing plates or come on your own to try their gyros, souvlaki, pava or rotisserie chicken, which is available only in Herzliya.

Sharing table | ©Courtesy of Greco

Cafe Nordoy

If you’ve stumbled upon the beautiful pink building standing on the corner of picturesque Nachalat Binyamin, you’ve probably thought: “I have to go here!”. Well, you can stay at the up-and-running boutique hotel, but with a little patience, you will soon be able to wine and dine at its new stylish brasserie/cafe. Brought to us by the Da Da & Da group, they also operate Bar à Vin and a couple of the city’s prominent establishments. Much like its older siblings, the new place will also offer a variety of Europen-style dishes throughout the day, from a hearty brunch to an after-dinner nibble to accompany your wine.

Nordau (Nordoy) Hotel | ©Avishai Teicher/WikiCommons

Wok to Walk

This popular pan-Asian fast food chain announced its arrival to Tel Aviv over six months ago and it is set to open its first branch near the new TLV Fashion Mall and another near Rothschild Boulevard not long after. The chain’s concept is fast, healthy, fresh and affordable custom-made wok dishes. Simply choose your noodle base, toppings (including chicken, seafood, beef, vegetables, etc) and sauce, and in a couple of minutes, you have your own personal favourite noodle dish to take with you in one of the chain’s signature orange Chinese-takeaway boxes.


Less than two years after opening OCD, a culinary experience that serves pre-ordered tasting menus to 18 people at a time, young Tel Aviv chef, Raz Rahav, will inaugurate a new sandwich shop in the yet-to-open Tchernichovsky Hotel, located on the street it is named after. The venue is designed as a grab-and-go sandwich shop with only a number of seating options. In the heart of the shop, you will find a huge smoke roaster, which will provide the meats, cheeses and bread that will comprise your sandwich, along with giving it a unique smoky flavour.

Beef steak sandwich
Beef steak sandwich | ©Jakub Kapusnak/Foodiesfeed