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Things To Eat, Drink And Do In Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv
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Things To Eat, Drink And Do In Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv

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Updated: 10 October 2016
Nachmani Street is part of one of the most historically refurbished neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are plenty of spots to eat, drink, work, or just lounge around. Here’s our list of amazing things to eat, drink, see and do on Nachmani Street.
Prince Albert Square | WikiCommons
Prince Albert Square | WikiCommons

The Norman Hotel

One of the most talked about spots on Nachmani (for good reason) is The Norman Hotel. The original building has stood since 1923, and this structure has been refurbished and added onto over the years with serious attention to detail.

Main attraction: Drinks at The Library Bar

Whether you choose to have a cocktail or a glass of wine, there is nothing on the menu that will disappoint.

The Norman Hotel, Nachmani 23-25, Tel Aviv

The Norman
The Norman | © The Norman Hotel

Cafe Noir

Across the street from The Norman Hotel is yet another popular spot, Café Noir. Open since 1997 (an eternity in the restaurant business), this bistro boasts a classy European vibe.

Main attraction: Schnitzel

Among the well-made, delicious entrée dishes, there are three sorts of schnitzel to choose from. Offering chicken, veal or pork, they take their schnitzel very seriously. Disclaimer: it is the size of the plate, so come hungry.

Cafe Noir, Ahad Ha’am 43, Tel Aviv

Café Noir | © Café Noir
Café Noir | © Café Noir


Proving this block is filled with hot spots, Goocha, the seafood and fish restaurant chain, recently opened a branch right next door to Café Noir and right in front of The Norman Hotel —nowadays, there is literally something for everyone on Nachmani.

Main attraction: Seafood Picnic

Unlike the other Goocha branches, this one offers a picnic menu of burgers, sandwiches (try the lobster roll!) and a variety of fried fish goodness. You can take your food to go or sit outside at their designated picnic area, which is decked out with wooden picnic tables and outside lighting.

Goocha, Nachmani 23, Tel Aviv

Goocha’s Lobster Roll | Courtesy of Ravit Shem-Tov
Goocha’s Lobster Roll | Courtesy of Ravit Shem-Tov

‘Under The Tree’ Coffee Hut

Standing in the middle of Rothschild Boulevard right on the corner of Nachmani Street is this anonymous hut that seems to always be filled with people sipping and munching away.

Main attraction: Coffee

Coffee is always a good idea. Add a sandwich or something sweet, and then grab a seat and people watch.

Rothschild 67, Tel Aviv

Rothschild Blvd and Maze St.
Rothschild Blvd and Maze St. | ©Nicole Hakakian

La Repubblica

On the ground floor of a modern, newly built skyscraper rests La Repubblica, which is frequented by Tel Aviv regulars and tourists alike.

Main attraction: Handmade pasta and locally grown veggies

Any place that makes their pasta by hand and grows their own organic vegetables on-site is bound to have delicious food. Every part of their menu uses fresh ingredients and will appeal to both vegetarians and carnivores.

La Repubblica di Ronimotti, Mazeh 3, Tel Aviv

La Repubblica | © Arden Rubens
La Repubblica | © Arden Rubens

Hotel Montefiore

Dating back to the 1920s, the Hotel Montefiore is a Tel Aviv staple. The restaurant boasts comfortable leather seating and enormous tropical palms. Every part of the restaurant is well thought out, from the design to the menu.

Main attraction: Brunch

Hotel Montefiore elevates brunch to an art form. The menu is vast and accommodates all, and the atmosphere, whether you’re sitting inside or on the balcony, is vibrant with chatter and appreciative murmurs of culinary awesomeness. Grab a couple of friends, start with a morning cocktail, and make an event of it.

Hotel Montefiore, Montefiore 36, Tel Aviv

Hotel Montefiore © Shiran Carmel
Hotel Montefiore | © Shiran Carmel

The Social Lab

Set in yet another historically refurbished building, The Social Lab is a haven for independent freelancers and social entrepreneurs who need a co-working space. This space is part of Tel Aviv-Jaffa’s center for young adults, the aim of which is to promote creativity and make ideas and dreams into realities.

Main attraction: Space for elbow grease

The Social Lab offers a space to work, but sweetens the deal by offering kitchen and office services (including printing and meeting rooms) as well as creating a connection between the people who use the space and Tel Aviv city hall officials. Looking to make a change in this beautiful city? This is just the ticket. Make sure to apply to use this remarkable place.

The Social Lab, Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv

Mazeh 9 | © Degser/WikiCommons
Mazeh 9 | © Degser/WikiCommons