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Courtesy of the Feinburg Projects
Courtesy of the Feinburg Projects
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Naama Roth's "Architexture": Solo Show in Tel Aviv's Trendy Feinberg Projects

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Updated: 10 March 2016
In Tel Aviv’s trendy Florentin neighborhood, up the tall staircase to Feinberg Projects, you will encounter Naama Roth’s first solo exhibition, “Architexture“. With an array of industrial materials, masking tape, wallpaper and plastic, Roth produces astounding geometric images. Roth names this exhibitions after all the materials that she used, which derive from the architecture world, as well as the properties of these materials.

The Exhibition

In Naama’s artwork, she showcases the handmade creation and process of cutting and pasting, using cheap and derelict materials. In “Architexture” Roth imitates different kinds of wood, marble and bricks to create imaginary constructions, layered with a variety of artificial textures. A sophisticated game of structures, shapes, colors, textures and optical illusions, works to create together a sort of fantasy. Roth explains the method to her mesmerizing madness as, “I start building from the materials, the final image never leads the creative process”.

Courtesy of Feinburg Projects Art Gallery
Courtesy of Feinberg Projects Art Gallery

The Artist

Naama Roth, the Tel Aviv-based artist, graduated from the prestigious Shenkar Arts college in 2015. This is her first solo show after her graduation show. Roth has also been exhibited by Circle1 Gallery in Berlin.

Naama Roth
Courtesy of Feinberg Projects

The Inspiration

Alongside the material works, there is a unique mixed media video piece on display, following another imaginary construction process, in the form of the popular computer game Minecraft. Roth expands her occupation with provisional chimerical structures to the gallery’s space itself, through various interventions and disruptions.

Naama Roth
Minecraft | Courtesy of Feinberg Projects

The names gives just a hint to all the depth of her work, Naama challenges the viewer to question, as she puts it, “what is real and what is a imitation, just the surface”. Naama Roth’s “Architexture” creates a visual experience by deconstructing the notion of a finished project and exposing the raw elements of composition.

“Architexture” features never-before-seen works by the artist created specifically for the exhibition.

Feinberg Projects, 3 Hamif’al Street, Tel Aviv, Israel

Wed-Thu, 12pm-6pm, Fri-Sat, 11am-2pm (or by appointment)