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The Best Bars Near King George Street, Tel Aviv
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The Best Bars Near King George Street, Tel Aviv

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Updated: 9 February 2017
When it comes to getting a drink at a bar in Tel Aviv, the options are endless. However, the bars listed below all offer unique and delicious cocktails and drinks that will make you crave more. Discover seven of the best bars around King George Street!
Bartender pouring a drink | Courtesy Spicehaus
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From bartenders dressed as pharmacists to cocktail drinks in test tubes, this place is called a ‘cocktail bar pharmacy’ for a reason. Spicehaus is probably the only bar where you will be greeted by a skeleton at the entrance. The drinks are not only colorful, but thirst quenching and delicious. Who wouldn’t want to drink from a test tube? One favorite is the Istanbul-Louisville Express, a cocktail based on gin and rose tea with petal and orange ornamentations. Don’t freak out if you see lingerie hanging on the windows; you’re at the right place!

Spicehaus, 117 Dizengoff St, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 54-228-6200

PortSaid © SharonBrand.

Port Said © SharonBrand.

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Port Said

As you’re walking closer to Port Said you’ll see it’s crowded, but don’t let that put you off. Even if you can’t find a spot in this crowded bar, buy a drink and sit on the sidewalk; don’t feel awkward, since you won’t be the only one doing it. This casual Middle Eastern bar is perfect for a small bite to eat and good drinks. You’ll feel like you’re in the ’70s, with candles lit all around you and funky music blaring out from the record players. Overall, if you’re looking for a young hip place to hang out with friends, this is your best pick.

Port Said Bar, 5 Har Sinai St, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-571-9622

TailorMade © SharonBrand.

At the entrance of Tailor Made © SharonBrand.

Tailor Made

Hidden on one of the busiest streets of Tel Aviv, a passageway leads to this establishment’s beautiful interior, which boasts loud music and an incredible vibe. This urban atmosphere is special because it is divided into three different sections. The outdoor part is a cozy private yard filled with the most vibrant crowd. If you are with a group of friends, drinks come in a gigantic crystal glass and are incredibly tasty. The Rasin’tini is highly recommended, a fresh drink that you won’t be able to help yourself from ordering more than once. Without the street number outside, you wouldn’t be able to find Tailor Made, so keep your eyes peeled for the passageway.

Tailor Made, Allenby St 99, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972-3-503-3387

concierge bar tel aviv
Courtesy Concierge
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Ever wanted to drink from a skull or a shoe? If the answer is yes, Concierge is definitely the bar for you. You will not only get a delicious drink but also a dishes that complement it perfectly. You can sit outside and watch passersby on busy Dizengoff Street or sit inside for a more intimate night with your friends. This modern and chic bar has amazing music, usually Bollywood tunes. It is hard to find cheap places in Tel Aviv that offer quality drinks, but Concierge offers fair prices for the experience you receive.

Concierge, Dizengoff 95, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-3-5223340

Outside of Rothschild 22 | © SharonBrand.

Outside of Rothschild 22 | © SharonBrand

Rothschild 22

You will never go to a bar in the middle of Tel Aviv where everything is under 25 NIS, but Rothschild 22 is quite the exception. If you are looking for a relaxed night with simple drinks, this is definitely a bar you should step into. The menu offers a variety of drinks and the food is tasty, especially the fried mushrooms, a local favorite. All in all, this bar is a fun place to catch up with friends, and you will likely stay there longer than you anticipated.

Rothschild 22, Rothschild 21, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972-52-4416662

Par Deriere Bar © Google
Courtesy Par Deriere Bar
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Par Derriere

If you and your partner are looking for a classy night out with good wine and cocktails, Par Derriere is the place you should visit. This bar, located on King George Street, boasts a warm interior and fascinating decor. They not only offer a romantic wine bar but meals made with fresh products sourced from Carmel Market.

Par Derriere, Bat Ami St 7, Tel Aviv, +972-3-6292111

Silon Bar in Tel Aviv

Courtesy Silon

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If you’re in the mood for a wild night out, Silon is the perfect place for you and your friends. The Bloody Mary is a particular specialty here – they use gin instead of vodka to make it. For perfect summer nights, this bar has outdoor seating where you can catch a great view of busy King George Street.

Silon Bar, 89 King George St, Tel Aviv, Israel +972-3-6433812