Meet The Top Tattoo Artists in Tel Aviv

Photo of Deborah Moher
12 July 2017

Welcome to Tel Aviv, the land of innovation and creativity. Tattoos have long been embraced by Tel-Avivians and the world of body art exploding with tattoo studios popping up all over the city. Tattooing is an artistic way of expressing yourself and it’s vital to find the best artist to etch your ink. Luckily Tel Aviv is not short of experienced, innovative tattoo artists to get the job done. Meet the talented men and women behind the tattoos.

Tattoo art | © Motty Gal

Motty Gal

Number of years tattooing: I started tattooing in 1993 and consider myself a professional tattoo artist for the last 15 years.
What do you love about your job? I love the moment that first meet the customer and we together create the sketch for the tattoo. I love the feeling of the skin and the moment the needle enters the skin. I love the idea that I have no space to make mistakes and that you can’t erase what you done. I also love the moment that the customer sees the tattoo for the first time in the mirror.
Anyone/Anything interested you’ve tattooed? I’ve tattooed lots of famous people in Israel, singers, Figures TV, Actors and more.

Courtesy of Ronit Rozensal | © Ronit Rozensal

Ronit Rozensal

Name of Studio: Vision TattoosNumber of Years Tattooing: I’ve been learning to tattoo since 2009 and been tattooing since 2010.
Tattoo Style: My favorite tattoo styles are tattoos from oriental influence, mostly Japanese, I love the flow boldness and color. I also like tattooing old school stuff for similar reasons.
What do you love about your job? The Art, the machines, the people and the blood.
Anyone or anywhere interested you’ve tattooed? One of my first tattoos was done on Filip Leu and his lovely wife Titine who have become close friends and great inspiration to me over the years.

Courtesy of | © Bootie Bass and Jonathan Segev

Jonathan Segev

Name of Studio: Tattooizm
Number of years tattooing? 5
Tattoo Style: BOLD
What do you love about your job? Making people happy!
Anyone or anywhere interested you’ve tattooed? I’ve travelled loads so had the opportunity to tattoo in amazing places! London is probably the best place i’ve tattooed in!

Noam Yona Tattoo’s Courtesy of Noam Yona

Noam Yona

Name of Studio: Noam Yona Tattoos
Number of Years Tattooing: 7
Tattoo Style: Geometric style and Dot work Tattoos
What do you love about your job? The fact that my art makes people happier is the best part of this profession. And I love being able to wake up every morning and create.
Anyone or anything interesting you’ve tattooed? I had the pleasure to give my Mom her first tattoo!

Courtesy of Kuki Ariel SORIE

Kuki Ariel

Name of Studio: Kuki Chan Tattoo
Number of years tattooing? 3
Tattoo Style: Psychedelic cartoons and comics style!
What do you love about your job? The ability to mess around with reality, bring out my vision on paper and skin and as a bonus I get to make people happy – EVERY. DAY.
Anyone or anything interesting you’ve tattooed? When i switched to working from home on my own terms my career started getting truly interesting and hasn’t stopped being inspiring and exciting since!

Courtesy of Tal Uri and Yossi Kurdo

Yossi Krudo

Name of Studio: Studio Tribal Tel Aviv
Number of years tattooing? 18 Years and 10 in Daytona Beach in FloridaTattoo Style: Bio Organic, I also love colorful tattoos in New School style.
Anyone or anything interesting you’ve tattooed?
I’ve had the honor of tattooing many famous people over the years but the most special tattooing for me is when the tattoo represents a loved one.

Courtesy of Urban Body TLV

Zohar Volkenfeld

Name of Studio: Urban Body TLV
Number of years tattooing? 2
Tattoo Style: Mostly tattoo dotwork, blackwork, abstract, geometric and watercolor tattoos.
What do you love about your job? I love being able to convert a client’s idea into a unique work of art in my own personal style, and of course having the possibility to work in what I love doing.
Anyone or anything interesting you’ve tattooed? At a Christmas party I attended in a studio abroad, the night ended with all of the tattoo artists, 5 of us, tattooing each other in a circle simultaneously. It was a crazy experience tattooing someone while being tattooed myself at the same time.