Meet The Skater, Graffitist, Tattooist and Artist, Jonathan Segev

Photo of Deborah Moher
11 October 2016

If you could fit more titles to Jonathan Segev, you could add t-shirt artist, graphic artist, and with a production company this guy is constantly creating, and working hard to push the urban art scene in Tel Aviv. Jonathan’s graffiti trademark SORIE is seen on walls all over the city, on t-shirts and on tattoos in the studio in Florentin.

Jonathan Segev | © Bootie Bass

Jonathan initially begun as a skater but after a fall when he was 18 he found solace in graffiti. He describes graffiti as the closest thing to skating for him, where each skater has a personal style they show off. After living for a period of time in both New York City and London, Jonathan insists Israel is the most competitive of all places with people here incredibly talented and hardworking. If you can make it in Israel you can make it anywhere.The Culture Trip got a few minutes of Jonathan’s time to ask him some burning questions.

Tattoo by Jonathan Segev Courtesy of Jonathan Segev

TCT: What’s the most unusual request you’ve had for a tattoo?

There’s nothing specific that comes to my mind as unusual but someone walked into the studio the other day asking for ‘Enjoy’ to be written above her buttocks. I guess that’s as unusual as it goes!

TCT: What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the tattoo business?

I would tell them to practice, develop a personal style, work hard, and be nice!

Artwork by Jonathan Segev

TCT: What is the most memorable moment from your career ?

So far…tattooing my two younger brothers..!

TCT: What’s your dream project?

To do a really huge graffiti lettering design tattoo on someone.

Graffiti Courtesy of Jonathan Segev

TCT: How would you describe yourself in 80 words?

I think outside the box, i’m very dedicated and I work mad hard.

Quick Fire Questions

Winter or Summer? Summer

Night in or Night out? Night in

Beard or no beard? No beard

Main course or dessert? Main Course

New York or London? New York

Wine or Beer? Beer

Check out SORIE420 on Facebook, Instagram and more of Jonthan’s tattoos on Instagram.

Courtesy of Jonathan Segev

By Deborah Moher, The Culture Trip’s Tel Aviv Director of Culture. Catch us on our TLV Twitter and Instagram.

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