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Marcelo Burlon | Italian Chic At Gindi TLV Fashion Week
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Marcelo Burlon | Italian Chic At Gindi TLV Fashion Week

Picture of Simona Kogan
Updated: 10 December 2015
With two years under its belt, Gindi TLV Fashion Week is Tel Aviv’s most successful fashion week to date. This is partly due to the creative impact of Italian party organizer, designer and DJ Marcelo Burlon. After forming a relationship with Israeli producer and Gindi TLV FW founder Motty Reif, Burlon came on board as artistic director and Reif’s right-hand man. This year, even as personal life took a backseat to blossoming professional partnership, Burlon came on board once again – this time as the fashion week’s featured International Designer. Here’s why Israeli fashion will always be a fan of Marcelo Burlon:

The original Gindi TLV Fashion Week began in December 2012. Gindi TLV Fashion Week has been held in the mall since 2014, although the building itself is still undergoing renovations. Since 2012, the Gindi company has sponsored all designers and participants and contributes annually to scholarships for fashion design students. Since then the Gindi TLV Fashion Week has put itself on the map with special guests like Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani, actress Rossy De Palma and the international design team from Missoni as well as a flashy venue, which has welcomed the Israeli crème de la crème, international fashion press and fashion bloggers from around the world.

The lavish three-day affair has grown even more, thanks to the addition of Argentinian-born designer Marcelo Burlon, who has lived and worked in Milan since 1998. Burlon is known for his globetrotting, nightlife parties, DJ sets, and his newest endeavor as fashion designer for County of Milan, an urban clothing line in production since 2012.

After Reif and Burlon met and started dating, Reif brought Burlon to Tel Aviv as artistic director in order to help produce the biggest fashion week in Israeli history. Burlon has had a part in Gindi TLV Fashion Week ever since.

While Burlon and Reif are no longer an item, it’s obvious that Reif respects Burlon’s creative input. And when Reif invited Burlon to showcase his Spring/Summer 2016 collection as the special international designer guest for Gindi TLV Fashion Week 2015, Burlon did not hesitate to say yes. Burlon’s runway showcase happened on October 20, 2015, the second day of Gindi TLV Fashion Week.

Burlon’s County of Milan label packs a punch with its graphic printed t-shirts and hoodies imprinted with Burlon’s signature digital diamond logo. The streetwear brand also includes sweatpants, beanies, jackets, capes and hoodies in colors like black, white, and red. It maintains a luxurious sportswear meets clubwear vibe, similar to Burlon’s personal ethos and style. Burlon’s multicultural motto is ‘Think Local, Act Global’ and he proved this at Gindi TLV Fashion Week in more ways than one. First, he added Sharon Eyal and Guy Bachar’s Tel Aviv dance company LEV to the opening of his runway, in place of the modern dancers who performed during the runway collection showcase in Milan. The intricate body movements to pulsating beats provided by Burlon added a sophisticated element of artistry to the show that left many audience members with chills.

Burlon’s Spring ’16 collection was worn modeled by Ethiopian models only – including Big Brother 5 winner Tahounia Rubel. ‘I come from the streets. I used to clean hotels with my mother when I was 13, 14,’ Burlon told Israel’s Channel 10, ‘and I think if you have the possibility to give the voice, somehow, even if they don’t talk, but they are in the show, I really think it’s something great, something big. I’m sure the love and appreciation was felt.’

With a successful stint at 2015’s Gindi TLV Fashion Week and a DJ set at the party afterwards, Marcelo Burlon proved he could make a statement behind the DJ booth, behind-the-scenes, and on the runway.

By Simona Kogan

Simona Kogan has been writing about international fashion, culture, celebs, and Jewish life for over 10 years. Originally from New Jersey, she started one of the first English language Israeli fashion blogs in 2009 and continues to follow the style and culture scene in Tel Aviv.