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Topolopompo, Fiery Asian Cuisine In Tel Aviv
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Topolopompo, Fiery Asian Cuisine In Tel Aviv

Picture of Doriel Mizrachi
Updated: 10 December 2016
Avi Conforti’s Asian fire kitchen, Topolopompo, excites and livens all your senses, literally and figuratively. From the exotic spices in your mouth to the passion and thought behind each meal, your taste buds will enjoy a variety of tongue-tingling delicacies. Welcome to one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv.

The Genius

You would think that after reaching this level of success, Conforti would sit back and relax. This chef is as lively and involved as it comes. The passion in his eyes is seen across the room and his restaurants are his home.

The Restaurant

From the décor down to the plates, everything here is exquisite. There is a fun, young, and elegant vibe and the decor airy and contemporary with wooden floors, an open kitchen and huge glass windows. Conforti even mentioned that everything, down to the utensils and plates, is imported from Asia to ensure the authentic feel of the Asian kitchen. It is so well designed that ‘Bar Awards & Restaurants’ chose it as the most beautiful restaurant in Israel.


This restaurant does not rely on the usual first course, second course, pattern etc.; rather a more sharing experience. Whether you’re dining with a few friends or with a partner the concept at Topolopompo encourages getting a few meals and trying them together. Try, for example, the Bengali Bar: fish with tomato kurma, cashew paste, lemons & fresh coriander.

Alternatively, take a visit to sandwich heaven with their Chinese steamed bun, airy and at the same time soft and chewy. The char siu consists of barbecue pork, egg, pickled cucumbers, onions, plum hoisin, and fresh chili. Topolopompo’s takes Asian cuisine to another level.

The Extraordinary Cuisine

The richness and freshness of each bite of every meal is crucial here. Each bite enlivens your senses with the perfect mixture of sweet and salty. Each meal is unique, authentic, and well thought out. Try the tuna ceviche with cherry tomatoes, tomato paste, and tomato seeds: it sparks up freshness with sweet and spicy ingredients all at once. The ceviche won an award from Art Culinaire as one of the 10 best in the world.

Sweet Tooth Heaven

Topolopompo’s honey cream and hazelnut pastry is made up of pralines, cacao-and-nut cookies, sugared hazelnuts, a Vietnamese coffee macaroon, and a huge desire for this to meet our taste buds as quick as possible.

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Our Favorite

This meal is the epitome of creativity meeting cuisine: pumpkin saku sai, pumpkin dumplings, filled with chicken and cashews that melt in your mouth. The softness of the bite with the slightly spicy sauces is a culinary experience you will never forget, along with many others at this special restaurant.

Topolopompo, HaSolelim St 14, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, (03) 691-0691