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Jerusalem Writers Festival |Courtesy of
Jerusalem Writers Festival |Courtesy of
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Jerusalem's Annual Writers Festival 2016

Picture of Lotte Beilin
Updated: 10 June 2016
The fifth annual Jerusalem Writers Festival 2016 was set in Mishkenot Sha’ananim – this historic location is an immaculate setting for this biennial literary event. Mishkenot Sha’ananim hosts a variety of cultural events and serves as a cultural hub for local and international creativity. The event brought together Israeli writers plus those from all over the globe and offered an array of literary conversations, artists and public opinion leaders in a series of talks, meetings and workshops, with presentations of music, dance and cinema.

The Book Garden was created for the festival and was open to all throughout the festival. It featured a café, bookshop and library, with views of Mount Zion, the City of David, and the hills of Judea. An idyllic setting where the festival participants and guests could gather, read the books on the shelves and mingle with the literary members over a delicious cup of coffee.

Book with a view | Photo courtesy of Lotte Beilin

Book with a view | Courtesy of Lotte Beilin

One of the many events and lectures held at the Writers Festival included a discussion between Meir Shalev (Israel) and Jesus Carrasco (Spain) who discussed their similarities, having been brought up in the same environment but in two different countries, and the portrayal of these similarities in both of their novels. The cruelty of nature and mankind were the similar themes that stood at the heart of both Shalev’s latest novel, Two She-Bears, and Carrasco’s debut novel, Out in the Open.

Human Nature: Meir Shalev and Jesus Carrasco | Courtesy of Naama Noach

Human Nature: Meir Shalev and Jesus Carrasco | Courtesy of Naama Noach                  


By Lotte Beilin