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Best Non-Gourmet Hamburger Joints In Jerusalem, Israel

Best Non-Gourmet Hamburger Joints In Jerusalem, Israel

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Updated: 9 February 2017
It is hard not to get hungry while walking the streets of Jerusalem, Israel. Interested in finding Jerusalem’s best hamburger without breaking your wallet? Here are the most excellent hamburger joints.
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A roast beef topped hamburger at Mitzi | ©Yehudah Jacobs


Mitzi is a hole-in-the-wall restaurant located in the Machane Yehuda market. It’s a small location, but packs in really big flavors. They serve three types of sandwiches: hamburgers, roast beef or spring chicken thighs, cooked on a flattop grill. The hamburgers are each individually weighed, featuring a heaping pile of fresh beef ground by the butcher in the neighboring stall in the alleyway. The hamburger is divine, with a great crust and full of rich texture. For the adventurous eaters, take it to a new level by asking the chef to make the burger his way and top it off with some roast beef. As we all know, topping meat with meat just makes everything better.

Mizti, 4 Hashaked St, Jerusalem, Israel, +972-073-7822986


Zuni is a cafe that brings a taste of Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Opened by two Tel Aviv natives, and open seven days a week, Zuni recreates the modern Tel Aviv flare all week long. Their signature hamburger features 250 grams of ground beef cooked to a perfect medium, topped off with bacon and gorgonzola cheese. A burger must-try in Jerusalem.

Zuni, 15 Yoel Moshe Solomon St. (first floor), Jerusalem, Israel, +972-57-9345582


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The Norma Jean hamburger at Black Bar n Burger | ©Yehudah Jacobs

Black Bar n Burger

Known for their great hamburgers, and sport-watching culture, Black Bar n Burger is a hamburger chain across Israel. They offer an extensive menu of hamburgers and consistent flavors in their joints all over the country. Your hamburger will taste the same, whether you are in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem. Some popular choices include the classic hamburger from ground beef or ground ribeye, and here, even vegetarians can drop by for a scrumptious veggie hamburger. The place offers a 450g hamburger, perfect for those with a big appetite.

Black Bar n Burger, 8 Shomtzion St, Jerusalem, Israel +972-2-6246767

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A fried egg on top is the way to go at Josef Burger | ©Yehudah Jacobs

Josef Burger

Josef Burger is a new hamburger joint that has promptly made its mark in Jerusalem. This place is located on the outskirts of the Machane Yehuda market. It is next to one of Jerusalem’s culinary monuments, Stekiyat Hatzot, known for their renowned Jerusalem mixed grill. Just like Hatzot, Josef delivers in quality and flavor. Aside from a delicious hamburger, Josef also offers a wide variety of draft beer. The restaurant is a great place to enjoy the ambience of the market and an impeccably grilled hamburger.

Josef Burger, 123 Agrippas St. Jerusalem, Israel +972-53-9367983

Eldad VeZehoo

Located in the heart of town in an alleyway off Jaffe St., Eldad VeZehoo is a great spot to hang out at. Known for their lower prices, and smaller sizes, the hamburger at Eldad VeZehoo is comparatively simple and comes with a side of fries. But don’t worry; simplicity only enhances the flavor packed into each bite of these delicious burgers.

Eldad VeZehoo, 31 Jaffe St. Jerusalem, Israel +972-2-625-4007