Instagrammer Of The Week: Jörg Dickmann

The Western Wall Courtesy of Jörg Dickmann Photography
The Western Wall Courtesy of Jörg Dickmann Photography
Photo of Deborah Moher
12 July 2017

With over 10 years of photography experience behind him, it is no wonder that German photographer Jörg Dickmann is popular on Instagram. A world traveling photographer, Jörg is based in Munich, Germany but recently came to Israel for a two week photography trip. Culture Trip had a chat with Jörg about his remarkable collection of photography.

Where are you based?

I move around as much as I can, but I live in Munich, Germany.

City of Jerusalem | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

How did you get into photography?

I grew up with photography. It’s always been a part of my life. But it was about ten years ago that I started to get into serious photography. This was when the first affordable DSLRs came out. I started to discover the advantages and possibilities of digital post-production. From then on, it grew bigger and more and more professional through the years.

View of Jaffa | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

What inspires you in life and to photograph?

Making new experiences, meeting new people. Not to get stuck in the daily routine. Being open-minded and observant of the world around you. That’s why I love traveling. My focus is on urban photography, but through my travels and the fact that I live near the Alps I want to expand my portfolio to include not just urban but also natural landscapes. I loved taking pictures in the Negev Desert for example, and I would love to go back there to spend more time shooting.

An Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhood in Jerusalem | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

Do you think Instagram has changed the way you take pictures?
It didn’t change my way of taking pictures, but it gives me a popular platform to publish my photos and a chance to discover great photos and inspiration from other photographers. When I started uploading my pictures I used Flickr as a sharing platform which was very popular at that time. Now Flickr is nearly dead. Let’s see where Instagram will be in five years.

An Ultra-Orthodox Neighborhood in Jerusalem | ©Jörg Dickmann Photography

Whose work influences you?
As my professional photographic work started in Düsseldorf, at first I was very much interested in the work of the influential photographers which came out of the Becher class at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Gursky, Struth, Ruff etc.), also called the Düsseldorf School of Photography. Being autodidact, however, I’m not very much influenced by any movement or style as I always tried to find my own way of creating a personal pictorial design.

Currently I love the work of Reuben Wu in terms of landscape photography, Edward Burtynsky in terms of man-made landscapes, and Horst & Daniel Zielskes’ urban work is very inspirational. But as the technical photographic possibilities are expanding and pushing the limits, there are more and more inspirational photographers who are experimenting with ways of taking pictures and the possibilities of digital post-processing. So the internet in general for me is the most important way to be inspired, influenced and to learn from.

© Jörg Dickmann Photography | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

What message do you want to convey?
My pictures show the world through my eyes. It’s my personal view and perspective on the beauty and diversity of the places I visit on my journeys. I try to find a different, artistic way to portray both common and unknown places and sights around the world. If I have a message then it’s to go out and discover the world – the more you do, the more you’ll find peace and satisfaction.

Tokyo, Japan | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

What motivates you to continue taking photographs?
There are so many places I haven’t seen and discovered. There’s no lack of motivation to pack my stuff and go on the next photo trip, if there’s enough time and money to just go and explore. I try to be away from my Munich base as often as possible. If I could I would do nothing else other than traveling and taking pictures. I also find a huge motivation in the positive feedback from people all over the world who like my work and want to see more of my pictures.

New York’s Theatre District | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

How do you find subjects that you want to photograph?
Taking pictures for me is a life experience. I use the medium of photography to learn and explore. I discover new places, meet new people, have new experiences, learn more about every country and its culture that I visit. Through global communication and information I always discover places where I haven’t been and which seem interesting. I also have some favorite places where I enjoy traveling to regularly, like Hong Kong, Tokyo or New York; for me, these are a photographic El Dorado.

Sydney, Australia | © Jörg Dickmann Photography

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