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IgenMigen, Jerusalem's Hungarian Delight
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IgenMigen, Jerusalem's Hungarian Delight

Picture of Yehudah Jacobs
Updated: 29 November 2016
IgenMigen has made quite an impact on Jerusalem’s culinary scene. Lead by renowned chef Yochanan Lambiase, IgenMigen offers primarily European cuisine, particularly inspired by Hungarian classic dishes. Its modern vibe and contemporary twists on traditional foods will guarantee a great time for all.

IgenMigen in Hungarian means ‘go jump in the lake’ which is a charming colloquial name for a dairy restaurant with a strong Hungarian vibe, as well as Hungarian owners.

The Concept

Seating at the restaurant is unconventional, with tables located mainly on two side streets, which also adds an element of cool. The menu is simple and the variety of dishes is just enough for everyone to enjoy, including vegan options.

The Chef

Sitting down with the Chef and having him explain the menu offers customers a chance to learn about a cuisine they may be unfamiliar with. Chef Yochanan Lambiase focuses on using seasonal produce and prides himself on bringing the best out of what’s fresh. Usually when you hear Hungarian food you think of chicken paprikash and goulash. You never hear about the savory cheesy dishes like langos or kalacs, which are a privilege to taste.

Sampling The Menu

To start, try the kalacs, which is a brioche-type pastry served with a couple of dips. The dough is light with a delicious cheesy inside. The dips served with it are delectable and different as well, including a black olive and fig tapenade, and a typical cheese dip from Hungary that is impossible to pronounce, making for a great way to start the meal.

Next, try the provolone picante: risotto balls stuffed with melted provolone cheese coated in panko (heaven). The rice is infused with red wine, making each bite rich and savory, with the accompanying garlic aioli being a great complement.

After two filling starters, follow up with two types of salad: a new haloumi salad and a roquefort salad. Both salads are light and offer a modern twist on classic dishes, which are loved in Israel.

Watching the chef prepare the main dish in the kitchen is a phenomenal experience. The seared salmon dish is cooked to perfection; the salmon melts in the mouth, as well as the puree that accompanies it.

If after all that you still have room left in your stomach, try the dessert: homemade pies that taste as good as they look.

IgenMigen is a wonderfully tasty experience with friendly service and charming atmosphere, and a great new addition to Jerusalem’s restaurant scene.

IgenMigen, Nachalat Shiva 2, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 54-954-9608