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Courtesy of Hotel Montefiore
Courtesy of Hotel Montefiore
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Best Places To Spend A Girls' Day Out In Tel Aviv, Israel

Picture of Serena Carsley-Mann
Updated: 20 October 2016
A girls’ day out is always a fun and exciting way to treat yourself and spend quality time with your friends. Tel Aviv is a vibrant city filled with places to make the most of the day. We’ve compiled some of our top picks.
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Manta Ray

If you are looking for a special place to brunch with the ladies, look no further. Manta Ray’s outdoor terrace, which directly faces the Mediterranean, offers an unbeatable setting. Start with some morning cocktails and then delve into one of their classic dishes with a twist. Their assorted morning appetizers, which include roasted eggplant, roasted peppers, ceviche, cured Matthias, smoked salmon and tzatziki are also must-haves.

Manta Ray, Koifman 7, Tel Aviv, +972 (0)3 5174773


Breakfast at Manta Ray | Courtesy of Peter Mann

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Hotel Montefiore

This trendy boutique hotel offers a luxurious ladies’ morning. The atmosphere here is relaxing and has a sophisticated, classic European vibe. The menu is rather simple, but every item is absolute perfection and made using only the finest ingredients. Their signature breakfast includes eggs made to order, a fresh tomato salad, an incredible selection of cheeses and yogurt, fresh rolls and pastries, butter, jam, coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Hotel Montefiore, Montefiore 36, Tel Aviv, +972-3-5646100


Hotel Montefiore | © Shiran Carmel/Courtesy of Hotel Montefiore


The classy Neve Tzedek restaurant Dallal feels like a real enchanted garden, and the menu is magical as well. This is one place that goes beyond classic breakfast dishes. Don’t forget to check out their bakery next door after brunch for some of the city’s best breads and pastries.

Dallal, Shabazi 10, Tel Aviv, +972 3-510-9292

Brunch at Dallal | Courtesy of Dallal
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Puaa, located in the heart of the Jaffa Flea Market, offers a new twist on fine dining. This place offers top quality food with a homemade feel. The setting of this vintage flea market restaurant is not where one would typically go for a gourmet experience, but Puaa is sure to amaze when it comes to ambiance and taste. The menu is large and versatile and this is the ideal place to share dishes.

Puaa, Rabbi Yohanan 8, Tel Aviv, 03-6823821


Lunch at Puaa | Courtesy of Puaa

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This beautiful restaurant located on Neve Tzedek’s trendy Shabazi Street is a divine choice. If weather permits, enjoy your lunch on the garden patio. Suzanna’s menu offers a wide array of homemade items, including soups and many stuffed vegetable dishes as well as fresh and colorful salads. This place is perfect for an elegant lunch.

Suzanna, Shabazi 9, Tel Aviv, 03-517-7580

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Cafélix brings coffee to another level and serves coffee beans from across the world. The smell of their freshly brewed coffee fills the entire shop and gives patrons a caffeine buzz before they even order. Furthermore, the overall atmosphere is completely relaxing.

Cafélix, Multiple locations – Shlomo haMelech 12, Yohanan HaSandlar St 23, and Merkhavya St 6


Cafelix | Courtesy of Stephanie Amini

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Café Habima

This hipster kiosk along Ben Tzion Avenue serves delicious coffee with outdoor seating and blankets in a picnic-style setting. It offers the essential Tel Aviv ‘coffee experience.’

Café Habima, Sderot Ben Tzion 31


Cafe Habima | Courtesy of Peter Mann

Red Velvet

Bakery, American, none
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Red Velvet, Tel Aviv-Yafo
Red Velvet, Tel Aviv-Yafo | © Nola American Bakery

Red Velvet

American-inspired cupcake shop Red Velvet has some of the city’s best cupcakes and serves fresh, delicious varieties. Specialties include red velvet, of course, as well as carrot, peanut butter cream, and vanilla Nutella.

Red Velvet, Ibn Gvirol St. 9, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 076-540-2022

red velvet

Cupcakes | Courtesy of Red Velvet

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Mon - Thu:
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 8:00 pm
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Anita Café La Mamma Del Gelato

Anita’s is without a doubt the best gelato spot in Tel Aviv. They have an overwhelming variety of house-made flavors and even offer vegan, fat-free, and sugar-free options.

Anita Café, Shabazi Street 40, Tel Aviv, Israel +972 3-624-6383


Anita Ice Anita Ice Cream | Courtesy of Jael Ancker

Places to get a mani-pedi

What could be more fun than getting pampered with your girlfriends? For those who want to relax and change up their look at the same time, Tel Aviv has a beauty salon at nearly every corner.

Yulia, Dizengoff 101, Herzel 17, Yermiyahu 24
Adi, Dizengoff 93, Tel Aviv
Ilak, Sheinken 15, Tel Aviv

Yulia Nail Salon | Courtesy of Yulia

Derech Haguf

Enjoy a 90-minute treatment performed by absolutely incredible massage therapists, followed by tea and dates on their rooftop overlooking the ocean.

Derech Haguf, Menucha 3, Tel Aviv

Post Massage View | Courtesy of Derech HaGuf
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Yoko Kitahara

This Japanese spa, located along the water in Jaffa, offers the ultimate zen experience in a spotless setting. They use a special Japanese technique in all of their treatments.

Yoko Kitahara, HaShafaf 22, Tel Aviv

Yoga classes

A massage is always a great way to release some tension — but for a meditative and rewarding experience, taking a yoga class will surely do the trick, and it won’t break the bank. For classes in English, you can check out Or Yoga, Yoga with Emily, and Ella Yoga.

Sunset Yoga Practice | ©PixaBay

Shopping spots

Shopping with the ladies is a classic and perfect girls’ day out activity. Tel Aviv is the ideal city for a spree, as it is home to so many chic Israeli boutiques. Stroll along the trendy and bustling Dizengoff Street for the big shoppers. For the ladies that love their boutiques, a trip to Shenkin Street is a must.

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:Story Store | Courtesy of Story