How To Drink Coffee Like A Tel Avivian

Photo of Stefanie Amini
9 February 2017

What is in a cup of coffee? Is it the way you hold the cup, or the type of cup that makes the coffee an overall experience?. Coffee beans are a factor, of course, but coffee tends to be rather personal. With coffee drinkers, it’s often about who they are drinking with. Of course, in Tel Aviv, coffee is always the drink of choice. Here are some simple guidelines to become a fully-fledged coffee drinker in Tel Aviv.

The chosen one | Courtesy of The Culture Trip

Pick Your Place

Find your favorite spot or the one that fits your needs using Discovering Coffee, a map for all artisan and good quality coffee spots in Tel Aviv and beyond. Choose your spot and grab a seat. Some favorites in Tel Aviv are Cafelix with three locations in Tel Aviv alone, Bucke, another favorite, and Café Habima close to Rothschild Boulevard.

Bring Your Pet

If you are lucky enough to have a furry friend, make sure to bring them along. You haven’t had a real cup of coffee unless you’ve had it with your cat or dog by your side. Of course, it isn’t a requirement for the perfect cup of coffee, nor the experience, but Tel Avivians are pet lovers. The favorite being dogs, both big and small. You will see them all over the city, whether it be in cafés or in outdoor restaurants and even sitting at top coffee spots in the city.

Puppachino | Courtesy of The Culture Trip

24-Hour Caffeine

To be a true Tel Avivian, you need to drink coffee no matter the hour if you want to keep up with the lifestyle. Although it’s a fairly relaxed city, the energy is high and no matter the day or time there will be people sitting in cafés drinking coffee. Caffeine is no challenge for this city and insomnia in fact helps some people unwind and relax.

This Way to Coffee | Courtesy of The Culture Trip

Find Like-Minded Tel Avivian Friends

Even life in a great city like Tel Aviv can become routine, so every patron in a café can be your next best friend. Ok, you can also sit and relax with a cup of coffee, but if you want, you can join in a conversation, talk politics, food and even coffee and sit for hours.

Meet and Greet | Courtesy Roxyvespa

Make The Coffee Shop Your Office

You haven’t really lived until you have brought along your laptop to your favorite café and worked a few hours in the middle of Tel Aviv. The coffee being the fuel to get the work done, these cafés, although busy, can actually be a quiet spot for you to get working. Many coffee shops in Tel Aviv actually provide a quiet spot for you to work from all day, and The Streets will even go as far as calling themselves a workspace.

Work and Coffee | Courtesy of The Culture Trip

Dress For The Part

If you want to act like a Tel Avivian, you have to look like one. The hipster scene is big and looking like you just rolled out of bed is very chic (Tel Aviv is a beach town, after all), but the main thing is to be comfortable, because you may find yourself sitting at the coffee shop for hours, and bumping into old and new friends.

The Chosen One | Courtesy of Cafe Habima

Choose Your Brew

It’s all good and well picking your café of choice, but what coffee are you drinking? Tel Avivians love their espressos and cappuccinos, but if you want a cold brew, especially in the summer heat, then the Brew Shop is your first and last stop. Many of the cafés are now serving cold brew. Cafelix, a roaster with seven branches in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, also serves cold brews from their own beans.

Coffee Perfection | Courtesy Stefanie Amini

People Watching

Tel Aviv is not a coffee-to-go culture. People enjoy sipping their coffee leisurely while sitting on the boulevard, people-watching the eclectic residents of Tel Aviv bustling around the city.

I See People | Courtesy of Roxyvespa/Kaie Bird

Coffee is a way of life in Tel Aviv, where the young, old and in between meet to connect and laugh all while drinking their favorite style of coffee or drink. It is the experience that makes it a way of life here.

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