Discovering Happy Fish, A Culinary Delight In Central Jerusalem

Courtesy of Mamila Hotel
Courtesy of Mamila Hotel
Happy Fish is a chic and elegant Mediterranean gourmet fish bistro, located on the posh Mamilla Avenue, near the ancient walls of Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall. It is the brainchild of the Mamilla Hotel, a state-of-the-art hotel designed by the world-famous architect, Moshe Safdie. We explore this gem further.

Inside the Restaurant

The décor is Mediterranean, with Mediterranean-style tiles covering the walls. A private party room is available for birthdays, business meetings, etc. All tables have a different type of potted herb. You can choose a regular chair or a cushy, comfortable sofa. The lighting does not necessitate you reaching for your glasses or asking your dinner partner to read to you. The staff are there answering to your beck and call almost immediately, so you don’t find your arm flailing in the air. Dishes that are unfamiliar to you are explained, and recommendations are made as well. The menu is quite varied, both in the realm of appetizers and main courses. The wine list is difficult to choose from, as all the wines on the list are of premium quality.


Mezze and house bread are served while you peruse the menu, with an array of appetizers and starter specials. Truthfully, one has difficulty in choosing, as they are all so unique and intriguing – ask for a variety to sample. The salmon tartare is mouthwatering and the ceviche scrumptious – you might dream of sitting in a bowl of it, savoring every moment. The Sicilian pasta and grouper brochette as well as the stuffed Moroccan sardine are equally as dreamy.

There is a wide choice of main dishes; fish, of course, made according to your directives. Each one has a unique taste, with special emphasis placed on flavor and appearance. A few of your choices are St. Peters, meagre, sea bream, bass and red mullet, among a host of other fish. Desserts are lemon pie, pecan tart, baklava and Bavaria. You need no persuasion to have all four simultaneously! There is no dispute that ‘Happy Fish’ will leave you feeling like you’ve had that happy experience!