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Gallery 32: Tel Aviv’s Visual Treat For Art Lovers
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Gallery 32: Tel Aviv’s Visual Treat For Art Lovers

Picture of Salomé Chemla
Updated: 24 April 2017
Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Gallery 32 situated in an eclectic style building, which has open windows that overlook the city, but also allow anyone walking by to gaze at the fascinating art. The gallery is dedicated to showcasing contemporary art and includes the greatest artists from Denis Rouvre to Katrin Fridriks, some of the most remarkable pieces of art. When you find yourself in the area, this gallery is well worth a visit!
Special event at Gallery 32 | © Gallery 32
Special event at Gallery 32 | © Gallery 32

About every two months, the exhibitions change with international artists, which is what makes the gallery so unique to others. The gallery features art in different styles: sculptures, photography and paintings. Many of the artists come from all over the world and each have their own distinctive style. Even if you are just strolling by and not looking to make an investment in art, come by for a wonderful visit and enjoy the many artworks that the gallery presents.

Paintings by Denis Rouvre (far left) & Katrin Fridriks (right) | © Gallery 32
Paintings by Denis Rouvre (far left) & Katrin Fridriks (right) | © Gallery 32

Q&A with the Gallery 32 Owner: Chalom Tebi

What advice would you give to someone who was trying to break into the business?

To be rich: this business requires you to have a lot of financial resources.

Do you host events in the gallery?

Yes of course, we do group (exhibition of many artists) and solo shows (exhibition of one artist) and a couple of conferences around the world of art.
Why did you chose this location for the Gallery?

I fell in love with the building, it is eclectic style.

Which artists do you have in your gallery?

We have a lot of permanent artists such as JonOne, Katrin Fidrix, Mr. Brainwash, Russell Young, Denis Rouvre, Erro…. each artist that we display are listed on the website. We also invite artists for special events.

How would you describe your gallery in 80 characters?

#gallery32 #bestgalleryintelaviv #contemporaryartintelaviv #seeyousoon

Who is your favorite artist?

Unfortunately an artist that I am not well off enough to have in my home, the boss of contemporary art: Andy Warhol.

What is an artwork you would like to have in your living room?

Mona Lisa, but my wife was toi jealous to allow me that.

Gallery 32 | © Salomé Chemla
Gallery 32 | © Salomé Chemla

The recent event at Gallery 32 was hosted last summer of 2015 for the solo show of JoOne. Many people attended the event and had the chance to meet the artist and see his artworks that are currently displayed in the gallery. JonOne is an American graffiti artist from New York and started painting in Paris. JonOne believes he can express himself on canvas in many different cities so everyone can see; which he does not consider as vandalism, but as art. Here is a sneak peak of his exhibit at Gallery 32.

Paintings by JonOne | © Salomé Chemla
Paintings by JonOne | © Salomé Chemla

Gallery 32, Ahad Ha’Am St 32, Tel Aviv, +972 3-509-1492

By Salomé Chemla

Salomé is a second year Communications student at IDC, majoring in marketing. She is passionate about food, music, and art. Apart from that Salomé enjoys running, exploring and traveling the world, which is why she would love to share her view of Tel Aviv with others.