Food-Bloggers Of Tel Aviv: Kochavit Ravit

Communal Eating | © Ravit Shem-Tov
Communal Eating | © Ravit Shem-Tov
Tel Aviv’s culinary scene has something for everyone. There are so many places to eat, drink and socialize, all while soaking up the vibrant city atmosphere. To help weave through the various venues are experts such as food-blogger Ravit Shem-Tov, known fondly as Kochavit Ravit.
Snapping a Photo © Ravit Shem-Tov

Ravit writes about her foodie excursions, including her thoughts and recommendations for a spot or a specific dish, the best places to get delicious breads and delicacies, and other exciting facts for foodies, making her readers hungry both through her words and her beautiful Instagram.

The Culture Trip spent an afternoon picking her brain about the gastronomic life of a local in Tel Aviv:

Carnivore Special © Ravit Shem-Tov

What inspires you from Israel’s culinary scene?

I think how dynamic it is. Israelis like change, and menus of restaurants here tend to change quite a lot. It’s never boring.

What makes Tel Aviv a great city for food blogging?

The variety; you can find anything from amazing street food to high-end restaurants. This wide range brings with it so many places to choose from, so it’s never boring and you can find yourself in a different place every day.

Seafood Special © Ravit Shem-Tov

What prompted you to start a food blog?

I was known among my friends as the one that visits every restaurant, so they always knew to come to me and find a location that would suit their needs – for example, ‘where do I take someone on a first date’, ‘I have visitors from overseas’, ‘it’s my grandfather’s 70th Birthday party’… and at some point they all started pressuring me into putting my recommendations in writing. A few years back, when I was in between jobs, I was bored one night, and that is where it all started.

A Little Zest © Ravit Shem-Tov

How has the food scene in Tel Aviv evolved over the last year?

I think it’s mainly going to a place of more approachable food. As the cost of living has become so high, people are looking for places they can go to eat and drink without breaking the bank.

Describe a usual day in your life.

It’s always run by what my culinary diary dictates. My dinner will always be the leading meal, so I’ll adjust my lunch or brunch plans accordingly. Everything else will just compliment these plans.

What are your top foodie picks in Tel Aviv?

My favorite places are: Santa Katarina, Port Said, Popina, HaShomer 1, and Halutzim 3.

Behind the Scenes of Food Photography © Ravit Shem-Tov