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The Top 5 Places For Hip Hop In Tel Aviv

The Top 5 Places For Hip Hop In Tel Aviv

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Updated: 3 February 2017
Tel Aviv is building its reputation as a place for great music. Famed reggae spots, painfully cool indie gigs, and myriads of electronic venues are thriving all around the city. Tel Aviv’s hip-hop scene is also alive and well, so beat the crowds and head out the five locations for the best of hip hop.
Radio EPGB: Photo by Moshe Hasson
Radio EPGB | Courtesy Moshe Hasson

Radio EPGB

It is easy to walk straight past this underground treasure. Located next to a synagogue on a quiet side street, the vibrant party found here is unexpected. A heavy black curtain stands as the boundary into this grungy­cool world. The walls are a little grimy, with creative stickers and doodles on the walls. By midnight, the dance floor is teeming with sweaty bodies. People gather on the old fashioned couches, and bar stools and sip their drinks. While the scene is mainly indie, watch out for their hip hop nights, with 90s nostalgic tunes and currents beats alike.

Radio EPGB, Shadal Street 7, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3-560-3636


Jimmy Who @ Boom Box Private Hip Hop Parties: Albert Lalamaiev
Jimmy Who @ Boom Box Private Hip Hop Parties | Courtesy Albert Lalamaiev

Jimmy Who

Right off the bustling ​Rothschild lies a small door that is the entrance to this dark energetic music cave. Built on the ruins of an older nightclub, the décor is a ​vintage​­ collaboration of fun designs. The space is a combination of three equally bumping bar rooms, with heavy revolving doors dividing one room from the next.The smokey air is thick and tangible, swelling and escalating with the music. While this joint does have excellent disco, electronica and even live jam sessions, the hip hop seems to be the perfect fit for the place. Saturday nights rule the weeks with old school hip hop classics that get everyone moving.

Jimmy Who, Rothschild Boulevard 24, Tel Aviv, Israel


This art gallery has a beautiful and interesting look. Walls of small collected toys twist around the dimly lit space, and edgy designs and pieces cover the wall. And the food is top notch, with unique cocktails and delicious ​Asian​­ inspired cuisine. As a special treat, a glass of wine comes with a small bowl of chocolate candies. But the DJs and producers they choose to bring are so top quality, the look and food aren’t even the best part. BuXa is best known for their electronic musicians, like Echo & Tito, but they have the occasional ​hip hop guest ​and they are consistently spectacular, with an especially extraordinary lineup in ​March​.

BuXa, Rothschild Street 31, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 58-511-1558


Lima Lima: Photo by Anton Tal
Lima Lima | Courtesy Anton Tal

Lima Lima

Every ​Thursday night​, this place becomes a haven for old school hip hop enthusiasts from all over the city. While throughout the week, the space is booming with reggae nights and boys only evenings, Thursdays stand out. The hip hop is loud and nostalgic, and everyone seems happy to be there. The back room and the garden have a mellow vibe. Relaxed people lounge and talk, while crowded in the front hall, dancers seek a more rowdy time.

Lima Lima, Lilienblum Street 42​, Tel Aviv, Israel, +972 3-560-0924

Pasaz | Courtesy Noa Flecker Photography
Pasaz | Courtesy Noa Flecker Photography


This hall has an authentic shabby-­cool vibe. Despite being beloved by many, Pasaz has a genuinely underground feel. The music varies, but on Tuesday nights, they have a legendary hip hop evening, full of beloved dirty beats. They also have occasional theme nights, such as 1920s swing, or Old South, but the hip hop is their forte. The scene is undeniably hipster with tattoos and perfectly groomed facial hair abounding. The building is falling apart, but that somehow adds to it’s charm. They have esteemed hip hop guest musicians come in, like the legendary DJ/Producer Alchemist.

Pasaz, Allenby Street 94, Tel Aviv, Israel