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Classy Seaside Dining In Tel-Aviv At Fitzroy
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Classy Seaside Dining In Tel-Aviv At Fitzroy

Picture of Doriel Mizrachi
Updated: 22 November 2016
What is the perfect mix of an extraordinary sunset on the beach of Tel-Aviv and a high-class, affordable restaurant? The answer is Fitzroy, serving contemporary modern cuisine while overlooking a horizon of water and sand. Not only is the location remarkable, but the vibe of this restaurant is classy and serene.

The Man/The Legend

The artist behind the scene is Chef Roy Gancholla. His life is as unique as the food itself. When his life took a dramatic turn at the young age of 13, Gancholla underwent open heart surgery. Despite his health, he strived to draft to the IDF where he found his love for the kitchen. He completed his professional training in Tadmor Culinary School and since then has been traveling to the most prominent restaurants in both Tel-Aviv and to a Michelin-starred restaurant in France. Gancholla says ‘I have two loves in my life, one is my dear family, and this restaurant. It’s my passion and I get inspired from everything, from a plant to anything I see in this world.’ Gancholla’s diverse skill set and broad experience allowed him to fulfill a lifelong dream of opening Fitzroy.


The intimate yet spacious restaurant overlooks a breathtaking view of the sea. It harbors a French-European menu, incorporating Gancholla’s cultivated skills and imagination. The menu showcases new cooking techniques, fusing Israeli flavors with modern European flare. An emphasis is placed on high-quality raw materials, fish and meat, which shines through in the attention to detail on the plate, such as with the lamb tartar. It is infused with basil labanch, coriander, mixed nuts, raspberry, tabasco, and topped with an egg yolk in the middle. This mix melts in your mouth and the rest of the dishes flutter your tastebuds with all kinds of flavors you wouldn’t expect to work well together, such as the hangar steak, with caramelized onion cream, white beans, red wine sauce and garlic meringue.

Our Pick

If you want a mouthwatering dish, the hand-made ravioli filled with ricotta cheese, garlic con-fee, onion chives, sage butter and Syrian olives is heaven in your mouth. The addition of sun-dried tomatoes give it a sweet and salty taste that can only be found at Fitzroy. There’s really no need to travel to Italy when this dish is right on Tel-Aviv’s coastline.


Whether you’re coming to Fitzroy for a girls’ night out, a birthday, a long day after work (or hey, if it’s really stressful, then during lunch) or an anniversary, there is no celebration without the cocktails they have to offer. Amidst the high-end wines and exotic drinks, one standout is their refreshing summer drink, made with Mint Julep with Jim Beam Ray, and a touch of peach green tea. If that’s not everyone’s dream summer refreshment, we don’t know what is.

For Your Sweet Tooth

Don’t miss out on the Crème Brûlée with porcini mushrooms and milk chocolate, caramelized popcorn powder, sesame and caramel tuile and miso ice cream. The meeting point of the ice-cream and the sugar crust of the crème brûlée arouses your taste senses and will leave you happy and coming back for more.

The View

As if the food wasn’t enough reason to come, the view alone makes a visit worthwhile. Sit and enjoy the warm sun during the day, the breathtaking sunset, or even relax under the clear skies to gaze at the stars. Ultimately, you have to try it for yourself to understand the depth of these unique combinations. Bon Appétit!

Fitzroy, Ha-Yarkon St 136, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel, +972 3 520 6100

Check out their Facebook: Fitzroy פיצרוי

Instagram: Fitzroy.tlv