Featured Tel Aviv Photographer: Fabiana Kocubey

Courtesy of Fabiana Kocubey
Courtesy of Fabiana Kocubey
Photo of Dara Liberman
9 January 2017

Brazilian-born, Tel Aviv-based photographer Fabiana Kocubey is always ready to pack up her camera and jump into a new adventure. Her passion for traveling was fueled by her love of photography.

© Fabiana Kocubey | © Fabiana Kocubey

When and how did you decide to be a photographer?

I grew up seeing my mom photographing as a hobby and she was my first inspiration. Later on, while traveling with my friends I always took over as the group photographer and always captured the best moments. The education system in Brazil forces you to pick a profession from a young age and I decided to study a BA in photography.

© Fabiana Kocubey

You recently moved from Sao Paulo, Brazil to Tel Aviv, Israel, two big cities with totally different cultures. Does culture influence the type of photography?

Yes, it does. To live in a new atmosphere excites me but honestly, what inspires me the most are people. My clients admire the fact I come from another country because I end up introducing a different perspective to my work. On a daily basis I try to look for something new and exciting to capture.

© Fabiana Kocubey | © Fabiana Kocubey

What is your dream job?

I want to do a photo shoot in some exotic place in Asia.

© Fabiana Kocubey | © Fabiana Kocubey

Photography has made a lot of technological advancements. What is your opinion on these?

While I was a student I witnessed the transition between analog and digital photography. At the start I was against the changing advancement, however experience taught me I can’t fight it. I have always preferred a more vintage style until I discovered a new type of digital photo treatment which I very much connected with. Analog photography is stunning but I see it today as a method more associated with art. Any sort of profession requires you to be fully updated on its technical advancements. Funnily enough I immediately loved taking photos with a smartphone. It is fascinating to use a pocket sized camera whilst still producing good quality prints.

© Fabiana Kocubey | © Fabiana Kocubey

What do you love to photograph in Tel Aviv?

My favorite thing to photograph, not only in Tel Aviv but throughout Israel, is landscape. Nature changes constantly around this beautiful country and I just love that. I also love portraits but I am often shy to ask people if I can take a photo. I would like to have more courage to ask. Last but not least I love photographing at the shuk (market) and at weddings. Each time is a new surprise.

© Fabiana Kocubey | © Fabiana Kocubey

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?

I always debated a career in architecture and journalism before choosing my path. I also plan to pursue history at a later stage.

© Fabiana Kocubey | © Fabiana Kocubey

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