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Pride Celebration | Gal Primack Najari Photography
Pride Celebration | Gal Primack Najari Photography
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Everything You Need To Know About Tel Aviv Pride Week

Picture of Sigal Stark
Updated: 24 May 2016
Tel Aviv’s inclusive environment promotes freedom of love for all. Israel is the most advanced country in regards to LGBTQ rights in the Middle East; outlawing discrimination based on sexual orientation in 1992, legally recognizing same-sex marriage preformed outside of Israel, and allowing same sex couples to mutually adopt.
Tel Aviv Beach | Courtesy of GTLV
Tel Aviv Beach | Courtesy of GTLV

This beautiful city and its inhabitants take great pride (pun absolutely intended) in Tel Aviv being nicknamed ‘the gay capital of the Middle East’. Walking through the city streets, it is not a rarity to see a gay couple displaying affection or for a LGBTQ flag to wave in the wind from a balcony. Tel Avivians, no matter their sexual orientation, respect their fellow man (or woman), making sexuality and gender fluidity a non-issue.

Pride Parade | Gal Primack Najari Photography
Pride Parade | Gal Primack Najari Photography

In 1997, with the inception of the first Pride Parade, Tel Aviv became the first city within Israel to celebrate the LGBTQ lifestyle. To this day, it is the largest celebration of its kind in Asia. Every year, international and regional pride community members flock to Tel Aviv to party, tan, drink, mingle and wander around, enjoying everything this gorgeous city has to offer. Pride Week begins on Wednesday May 25th, and culminates with the extravaganza that is the 18th annual Pride Parade on Friday June 3rd.

Float | Gal Primack Najari Photography

Throughout the month of May, Tel Aviv is decked out in all things rainbow, bringing together both the straight and gay communities in a mutual celebration of life, love, and acceptance. During Pride Week, Tel Aviv is home to endless parties, tours, happy hours, movie screenings and talks; whether low-key or party animal, this week is the perfect time to enjoy the blazing sun, breezy drinks, energizing music, and charged atmosphere.

The Crowd
The Crowd | Gal Primack Najari Photography

This year’s theme is ‘Women in the Community’, placing more of an emphasis on the LTB part of the acronym. Among the events are the Miss Trans Israel Pageant, the 11th annual LGBT Film Festival, and Eurovision Event at Gan Meir.

Pride Celebration
Pride Celebration | Gal Primack Najari Photography

Last year, over 180,000 people participated in Pride Week events, with around 30,000 tourists mixed in. Events are constantly being added to make the 2016 Tel Aviv Pride Week the best one yet!