Eating Well And Gluten-Free In Tel Aviv

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Though in recent years gluten-free food has become easier to find in grocery stores and restaurants, finding GF food that is more than passable can be a chore. We scoured the spread for the best gluten-free options in Tel Aviv so you don’t have to choose between eating well and eating GF.
Kitchen Market Courtesy of Julia Purcell

Kitchen Market

Restaurant, Mediterranean, $$$
Kitchen Market, Ha-Angar Street
Kitchen Market, Ha-Angar Street | Kitchen Market
Located in Namal Tel Aviv, Kitchen Market offers simple fare made modern. The potato cream with cherry vinaigrette starter was rich and pillowy, the soft-boiled egg with truffled mushroom cream perfectly balanced salt and cream. You’ll enjoy your meal in an intimate dining room overlooking the port, perfect for your next date night. Walk home along the boardwalk for a lovely night out with your loved one.
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Café Xoho

Bakery, Cafe, Restaurant, Coffee Shop, Market, Australian, Vegan, American, Gluten-free, Israeli, $$$
CafeXoho, Tel Aviv-Yafo
CafeXoho, Tel Aviv-Yafo | Jeremiah Courtesy of Julia Purcell

This Los Angeles-style café prides itself on making tasty, nutritious GF food and succeeds in its efforts. Café Xoho makes a sandwich bread from six different flours for celiacs and a nut and seed bread with oats (not suitable for celiacs, only gluten intolerants). Mains are often naturally gluten-free, including vegan/vegetarian/gluten-free salads. Their tehina and pecan cookies are a crunchy treat, as are the chewy, flaky triple chocolate chip cookies. Almost as important as their delicious food, the staff here is attentive and knowledgeable about gluten-free needs. With a rotating weekly menu and several gluten-free bakers, you’ll be in good hands here.

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Meal service:

Brunch, Lunch, Dessert, All Day, Breakfast


Arty, Secret, Quirky, Casual


Cafe, Tea , Israeli, $$$
Eat your brunch with the beautiful people of Tel Aviv in this pleasant café on Dizengoff. While Jeremiah’s service can vary in quality, there are several delicious gluten-free items that are worth the trouble. If you’re willing to pay an extra five shekels, you can stop in for an excellent omelette sandwich and shakshuka. They carry Natural Cakes bread, which is light and chewy. Served toasted and in a basket, eating your carbs here will make you feel like you’re one of the crowd even when you’re eating without gluten.
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Hippo Falafel

Restaurant, Israeli, $$$
Located in Rabin Square, Hippo Falafel is the perfect place to quickly refuel. The falafel itself is gluten free and mouthwatering topped with carrots, peppercorns, olives and white bean salad. Ask for ‘lechem lelo gluten,’ and you’ll get an enviable vessel for your meal. Topped with all the condiments your pita can carry, you’ll leave happy and full.
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Buddha Burger

Restaurant, Fast Food
For those who eat vegan as well as gluten free, Buddha Burger is a superb option. As is custom now in many restaurants, gluten-free items are marked on the menu for ease of ordering. The lentil and flax balls in curry are tasty if a bit under-sauced (ask for more and they will gladly give it). There are also several tofu options for gluten-free eaters hoping to get more protein, including stir-fried and baked tofu with your choice of sauces. The tagline of this restaurant is ‘live and let live,’ and I suspect that you’ll leave affirming life, liberty and the pursuit of gluten-free food.
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Dessert Shop, Gluten-free
For gluten-free eaters, chocolate remains an unbeatable treat when you can’t eat your share of cakes or cookies. Daskalides makes a variety of artisanal chocolates that will satisfy you and your gluten-eating friends. Try the Kenyan coffee for a quick sweet or grab the 77% cacao chocolate bar for later, your stomach and sweet tooth will thank you.
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Ice Cream Parlour, Ice Cream, $$$
As many celiacs know, ice cream and sorbet are another excellent naturally gluten free option for dessert. Iceberg is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor with consistently good ice cream that fits the bill nicely. Try the mango and guava sorbets for a light, yummy gluten-free treat or indulge in a cup of rich pistachio ice cream.
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