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Courtesy of Gagou de Paris
Courtesy of Gagou de Paris

Jerusalem's Top Dessert Spots For Sweet-Tooths

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Jerusalem is a vibrant city filled with people from all different cultures, so it’s no surprise that this would inevitably shape a fantastic culinary culture. But it’s not all about the savory delights. You’ll find the city’s most decadent treats at these bakeries and dessert shops.

BaBeit Cafe

BaBeit, which translates to ‘at home,’ is famous for its delicious Belgian waffles and offers many variations and endless toppings. Many of its regular customers usually go for the homemade hot cocoa, which can be mixed with brandy. The best part about this sweet spot is not only its treats but also its opening hours; open until 1 am to satisfy your late-night sweet tooth.

BaBeit, Shamai 16, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 625 7004


Courtesy of BaBeit Cafe

Magdaniat Pe’er

After serving three generations of happy customers, Magdaniat Pe’er stands as Jerusalem’s oldest bakery. It is most famous for its age-old challah recipe, but it also offers a variety of cakes, cookies, pastries, and danishes. Luckily, this bakery has two locations within central Jerusalem: one in Mahane Yehuda Market and the other in the German Colony.

Multiple Locations in Jerusalem, Israel


Courtesy of itravelJerusalem

Mousseline Ice Cream Parlor

Mousseline is a French ice cream shop that has some of the best scoops with the most unique flavors in the city. The choices are either milk-based or sorbet, but regardless of the one you choose, you’re bound to be satisfied. The owner learned ice cream-making in France, and her skills are showcased in each scoop.

HaEshkol 6 Jerusalem (Mahane Yehuda Market), Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 500 3601

Courtesy of Mousseline

Courtesy of Mousseline

The Coffee Mill

If you consider yourself a coffee snob but also want a warm pastry to go along with it, The Coffee Mill is the way to go. This small coffee shop offers a vast array of coffee flavors, such as mint, chocolate, hazelnut, almond, and butterscotch. Their freshly brewed coffee beans hail from Guatemala and Ethiopia, but the shop is conveniently located in the German Colony, making these exotic beans easily accessible.

The Coffee Mill, Emek Refaim 23, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 566 1665

Courtesy of The Coffee Mill

Courtesy of The Coffee Mill


Halitatea is officially a health food restaurant, but it specializes in creating remarkable spice combinations for tea, as well as notable desserts. Some of its specialties include macarons, scones, meringues, and pies, all of which are homemade. If you live for your daily cup(s) of tea, Halitatea has a wide enough selection for even the pickiest of tea lovers.

Halitatea, Hillel St 5, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 77 411 0224


Courtesy of Halitatea

Gagou de Paris

Gagou de Paris is a French bakery in the heart of Jerusalem. It makes a number of delicious Parisian-style baked goods, including éclairs, baguettes, Napoleons, croissants, and, of course, croquembouche. There’s also an option to get a stunning wedding cake from these talented bakers.

Gagou de Paris, King George 14, Jerusalem, Israel, +972 2 625 0343


Courtesy of Gagou de Paris