Dream a Little Dreame: Sharonna Karni’s Art Start-Up

Dream a Little Dreame: Sharonna Karni’s Art Start-Up
We all have a story to tell, a memory to share, or a dream to realize. This is very familiar to Sharonna Karni, an Israeli-born entrepreneur behind the inspiring and innovative online art start-up, Dreame. We spoke with Karni to learn more about what’s causing such a stir in the Israeli art scene.

Dreame is revolutionizing the way art is created and purchased. With a network of 50 artists, you can now turn anything that has been dreamt up into custom-made works of art, from a literal dream to a story from your imagination. Dreamers can submit the story, photos, an inspiring song, and even choose if they want to co-sign the final work of art with their chosen artist.

Sharonna, you’re the brainchild behind Streets and Dreame, well known as a successful entrepreneur. Is that how you see yourself too?

I am a storyteller, I am sensitive and I’m hardworking with passion – these things drive me to become an entrepreneur.

Your projects tend to be explorative – have you always had a creative eye?

I have always worked on creative projects, but moving to Israel sparked the ability to do something big with it. It’s a combination of belief from friends in my crazy ideas and being surrounded by like-minded, spontaneous yet rational visionaries in the tech and art worlds.

There’s always a crazy idea behind a great business – was Dreame a ‘crazy’ idea too?

The idea started as an app to log your thoughts and dreams, enabling people to better understand themselves and share these reflections on a micro-level with close friends.

Although the app is still a work in progress, I wanted to come up with a revenue model that didn’t require selling people’s personal data to advertisers. Turning it into an art-related project seemed like the perfect alternative.

Dreame is more than just a business. It is an engaging platform for both artists and dreamers to express themselves. How can one add a personal touch to the art works?

We have had dreamers who have found the Dreame experience extremely cathartic and those who have contacted the artists once they submitted their dream story.

The beauty (and difference) in Dreame is this co-creation between dreamers and artists. In fact, the first feature ever conceptualized was the co-signing of artist and dreamer. Of course, it’s only if the dreamer wants to get their hands into the creation. As for those looking to kick-start the New Year, Dreame provides a great experience in creating your own art piece.

There’s currently a network of 50 artists you work with, how were they selected?

Emily, my partner and Global Art Curator, selects the artists that she thinks would be suitable for Dreame. It is a curated platform and we want to make sure they are the best and most relevant to the big vision of Dreame.

There is a community of artists now within Dreame from all over the world. If any are reading- we would love to hear from you, even if creating art isn’t your full time job!

What kind of artworks can people expect from Dreame?

We have a range of genres in the gallery, from watercolor to comic strips to collages with photography. Currently we are shipping these as high-quality prints but we aim to expand and print this story-driven art on a range of merchandise.

How do you see Dreame growing in the next year? Any big plans?

We are trying to make Dreame global within the next year. We are lucky that the subject of the imagination and concept is truly universal and applicable to so many.

With all the dreamers’ feedback we are improving the Dreame experience on a monthly basis. Watch out for super-cool features next month!

Our Dreame limited-edition collection of 14 dream-turned-works of art is also a hint for lots coming up. We have something for everyone, from matriarchs to lovers to club kids to futurists.

When you’re not conjuring great business ideas, where can we find you on a typical Saturday?

I am working on Streets in my spare time, but this is pure fun because it’s with such an amazing group of people. Apart from that, I like to get out of the city and embark on some nice Israeli adventures.

If you could describe yourself in five words, what are they?

Naive, sensitive, funny, stubborn and… busy!

Do you have any words of wisdom for aspiring entrepreneurs?

1. Find a partner for your venture that believes in you and your vision equally.

2. Go with your gut with a pinch of empathy from someone else: a mentor, a colleague.

3. Always learn.