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Digital Travel I The Case of Tel Aviv

Digital Travel I The Case of Tel Aviv

Picture of Anna Abenhaim
Updated: 20 January 2016
Not many people today would survive their daily routine without the precious help of their smartphone, whether it be to figure where to park their car or to know when their bus will arrive. Wouldn’t every Tel Avivi be lost without Waze or Moovit? Digital marketing has massively impacted our everyday life and the way we get around. More interesting, it has been transforming how we travel. Let’s focus on the case of Tel Aviv!

The digital era has had an enormous impact on our everyday lives and the way we live, work, study, entertain ourselves, and even on the way we travel. Because of these new ways we live our lives, our needs have been changing accordingly, and are more and more shaped by these new digital means we’re offered.

The hospitality and tourism industry is one of the most affected by digital development and progress. Transportation and accommodation companies are making better and better use of the digital market