Crossing The Line: The Bold Travelers' Guide To Israel

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24 April 2017

Israel is a small country, full of wonders offering many adventures for the passionate. If you are a fierce traveler seeking new adventures, Israel is full of activities that will give that adrenaline rush you need. If you are a risk-taker, stay away from the following places or proceed with caution! We recommend 5 activities for adrenaline junkies to do in Israel.

Mount Sodom | © Amos Beer/WikiCommons

Dead Sea Caving

Only extremely brave explorers dare to penetrate the most fascinating cave of the Dead Sea. Known as the Colonel Salt Cave, it is a breath-taking 5,000m long salt paradise which lies underneath the Mount Sodom. Caving is the mother of extreme sports – a combination of climbing, hiking and rappelling. Three extreme sports at once! If you are up for the challenge, pack your helmet and rope and get ready to explore these underground passages.

For those hungry for adrenaline, caving is a must-do activity you should add to your bucket list immediately!

SkyDiving | © Hila Shaked/WikiCommons

Tandem Skydiving

Have you ever imagined what it’s like falling endlessly, soaring over a magnificent beach with luscious sand and clear blue water? Leave your fear of heights behind, and get ready to jump off a plane for one of the most exciting experiences of your life, 14,000 feet up in the air in Hof Habonim! Adrenaline will take over your body as you let yourself fly and free fall 120 miles per hour. Feel the wind in your face as you tandem skydive into the wide sky. Then, open your parachute and enjoy the freedom of floating and the wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea shore. Only the bravest will jump from a plane and live to tell the tale.

Schug: The Hottest Sauce Out There

Originally from Yemen, the Teimanim people are widely known in Israel for their distinctive culture. From their Mizrahi dancing to their famous jachnun, their specialty is definitely in the cuisine area. If you believe Mexican food is spicy, just wait until you taste the Schug. Israelis claim this makes them “cry like a baby”. At the Yemenite Quarter, some restaurants —such as the Halev Harachav— offer a wide variety of Teimani food. Dip your pita in the Schug hot sauce and call the firemen – your tongue will burn faster than you’ve ever experienced! Defy your own limits and dare to try one of the spiciest dishes you’ll ever taste.

Pilot | © tpsdave/PixaBay

Pilot For A Day

If you ever dreamt about being a pilot, then here is your chance to become one for a day. Aviator glasses, a scarf and a hat are all you need to make your craziest dream come true. Picture yourself in the pilot’s cabin watching the white clouds passing by. Feel your heart beating faster than ever as you fly over the holy land while you are the pilot. As you are flying over the magical beaches of Tel Aviv toward Ashdod, this once in a lifetime experience will blow your mind. Enjoy the ride, the sky is the limit.

Men Shooting | © Calibre 3

Shoot Like A Pro

If what thrills you are guns, you can get a taste of the Israeli combat and shooting methods. Experience the life of a counter-terror expert and compete in a sniper tournament. Shoot different kinds of weapons; such as handguns, rifles and others. You will feel like a real pro as you are trained for hard core army missions: fighting in vehicles (buses), shooting from vehicles, and structure entry. Among several options, you can choose from a two hour shoot training course (IDF Shooting Adventure) or you can immerse yourself in a Full Day Handgun and Rifle Training. Enjoy the adrenaline rush but be careful and responsible, guns are dangerous.

By Jessica Cohen

Jessica is a 23-year-old communications student who made Aliyah two years ago. Originally from Argentina, she is not only a huge football fan, but also a player. Her other two passions include dancing and writing. Jessica is a writer for Tomorrowoman magazine. Additionally, she loves puppies.

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