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Citizen Café | The Secret Ingredient Behind Israeli Culture
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Citizen Café | The Secret Ingredient Behind Israeli Culture

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Every culture is unique to its community; each one lays the basis of tools and tactics for how to live in that community. Citizen Café Tel Aviv provides a unique experience for its participants, Israeli and non-Israelis alike, assembled into one melting pot. Citizen Café offers foreigners and newcomers arriving in Tel Aviv the tools to feel local and connected to Israeli culture.
The Secret Ingredient Behind Israeli Culture | © Citizen Café
The Secret Ingredient Behind Israeli Culture | © Citizen Café

The Secret Ingredient workshop, an initiative by Citizen Café, encourages newcomers to familiarize themselves with and acclimate to the Israeli culture. Citizen Café identifies a formula behind each culture through a lens that portrays the way a community and society behave, each with its own different mannerisms. It would seem as though, upon observing cultures from the outside, everyone receives a manual tailored to their own culture, which contains all the unspoken rules and conventions of that society.

Tel Aviv Citizen Café Culture Club | © Citizen Café
Tel Aviv Citizen Café Culture Club | © Citizen Café

The Secret Ingredient is a hands-on, dynamic workshop (in English) lead by global lifestyle and relocation expert Tamar Ross who presents various real life scenarios to the participants. The audience hails from all over the world, specifically the U.S. and the U.K., in addition to native Israelis, which produces a vibrant discussion on how Israeli culture is viewed. The Israeli culture is distinctively different, especially in terms of the degree of informality: Israelis tend to be quite informal. For instance, during formal meetings, it is standard to ask personal questions such as ‘how many kids do you have?’ Israeli culture is complex and people might come across as difficult, but paradoxically it is also an extremely welcoming and warm culture.

There is something special about coming to Israel and meeting the loud, vibrant energy that the people and beautiful country has to offer. Through Hebrew language classes and various cultural workshops, Citizen Café provides necessary tools for newcomers to ease into and adapt to Israeli culture, therefore enabling them to create the kind of life they want to lead in Israel.

#CitizenCafé | © Citizen's Cafe
#CitizenCafé | © Citizen’s Cafe

Experience Citizen Café’s workshop for yourself; discover insight into concepts you never thought about before and become more knowledgeable about Israeli culture. The next workshop, The Secret Ingredient: Living The Life You Want In Israel will be held on October 13th, 2015 at Gallery of the Streets Café. Reserve your ticket now to ensure a spot.

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By Gabriela Kramer

Gabriela is a hip hippy city-loving world explorer who dreams of being a cultural astronaut seeking culture on other planets and about other life forms. She’s recently completed her undergraduate degree from the IDC in government and diplomacy and is interning at The Culture Trip while breathing in the energetic vibes of Tel Aviv.