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© Leo Rivas-Micoud/Unsplash
© Leo Rivas-Micoud/Unsplash
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The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in Tel Aviv

Picture of Lior Kantor
Updated: 29 January 2018
From the beach to the park and from museums to dining, Tel Aviv is a wonderful destination for adults and children alike. Just wandering around the city will make you fall in love with it, but just in case you don’t want to miss anything, here are the best things to do with children in Tel Aviv.

Hit the beach

What can be better than spending a day at one of the city’s beautiful beaches? Take your kids to play volleyball, swim, rest and dip in the sea and don’t forget to bring some watermelon, and of course, sunscreen! (58)
Tel Aviv beach | © Daniel Klein/Unsplash

Picnic at Hayarkon Park

Hayarkon Park, named after Hayarkon River, which passes through it, is the biggest park in Tel Aviv and a great place to spend some time in. Between its children’s playground, boat-renting on the river and botanical gardens, find a place to sit down, spread a blanket and enjoy a picnic under the sun.

Bike along the port

Tel Aviv is a city for bicycles. Wherever you go, you’ll see locals cycling to and from work. The city is well equipped with Tel-O-Fun, electronic bike rental systems, as well as many bike lanes across the city centre. One of the nicest options for biking is along the Tel Aviv Port, accompanied by the sun, the sea breeze and many great stops along the way.

Tel Aviv Port | © israeltourism/Flickr

Head to Sarona Market

Opened in 2015, the indoor Sarona food market is an attraction you don’t want to miss – and one the kids will absolutely love. With an incredible variety of food shops, restaurants and stands, not to mention the ones available in the Sarona compound, outside of the market itself, you can’t leave this place unsatisfied. Sarona Market also offers activities for children during the day at the kids club and hosts local musicians for free performances every Tuesday evening. (59)
Saron Market | © Ted Eytan/Flickr

Experience the Tel Aviv/Ramat Gan Safari

The safari and zoo in Ramat Gan is home to the largest animal collection in the Middle East, with a variety of animals from around the world. The safari tour begins inside your vehicle, driving alongside elephants, lions, hippos and more, while around the zoo, you can walk around freely and view the animals.

Ostrich in Ramat Gan Safari | © Dr. Avishai Teicher/WikiCommons

Visit the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Expose your children to an amazing collection of artwork, both contemporary and non-contemporary. Participate in one of the museum’s creative workshops for families, which take place every Tuesday between 5 pm and 6:30 pm, or see a children’s show at the museum, according to the event schedule.