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Kids at Teddy Park Fountain | © zeevveez/Flickr
Kids at Teddy Park Fountain | © zeevveez/Flickr
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The Best Things to See and Do With Kids in Jerusalem

Picture of Lior Kantor
Updated: 8 February 2018
Jerusalem is the world’s capital of history, culture and religion, but it is much more than that. The popular tourist destination is full of attractions, sure to provide a good time for you and your family, enhance your knowledge, and most of all, keep the children busy!

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

Jerusalem’s Zoological Gardens, most commonly known as the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo, will make for a wonderful day out for children and adults alike. Famous for its collection of wildlife, most of which is described in the Jewish Bible and which are now extinct in Israel, the park also boasts trees and greenery native to Israel, many of which were also mentioned in the Bible.

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo | © Sharon VanderKaay/Flickr

Mini Israel

Mini Israel is a miniature park located in the Ayalon Valley, near Jerusalem. The site consists over 350 models of notable buildings at a scale of 1:25, meaning some skyscrapers can reach above the height of a child, making it all the more fun to visit and wander around.

Tower of David Night Spectacular

The remaining walls of the courtyard of King David’s Citadel in the Jewish Old Town serve as a stage for a sophisticated computer system that operates 20 projectors, 10 video players, 14 computers and 14 loudspeakers to unfold the story of Jerusalem. The open-air show of light and sound is a unique experience, combining the old and the new in a way only Jerusalem can.

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Tower of David Night Spectacular | © Dennis Jarvis/Flickr

Machneyuda Market

This is something your children are sure to appreciate, and so are you. If its appetizing scents haven’t already lured you into the market, the incredible variety of establishments offering traditional dishes, fresh produce, local delicacies and hot pastries are sure to drag you and your family right in, leaving you happy and satisfied.

Candy at the Machneyuda Market | © Masa Israel Journey/Flickr

The Israel Museum

The Israel Museum in Jerusalem, a favourite among tourists, boasts world-famous artworks, a sculpture garden and much to see. Children will especially appreciate the Youth Wing, where you will find temporary interactive exhibitions designed for children, as well as activities and shows on various topics your children are sure to enjoy.