Tel Aviv’s 5 Best Places For Dog Lovers

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9 February 2017

Tel Aviv is a welcoming and lively city for its residents, especially its dogs. Tel Aviv features parks, boardwalks, and water bowls for all furry friends. Ranging from boulevards to open grass, the city allows its dogs and owners a great place to take a walk on a warm afternoon. Whether you’re simply taking out the pup with you to get a coffee, or looking for other dogs to play with, we show how Tel Avivian dog lovers can have it all.

Midron Yaffo Park | ©Rob /Flickr

Midron Yaffo Park

Gan Meir
Gan Meir | © David Shankbone/Flickr
Jaffa Slope Park is Tel Aviv’s family and barbeque hotspot; sweeping across Tel Aviv’s coast line of the Ajami neighborhood. The park is open and a popular recreational center for the city residents. It has a beautiful view of the sea, a nice breeze and wide paths for bikes, children, and our furry best friends. Dogs are especially loved and welcomed in this family-filled park – free to roam on its expansive grass, enjoying the cool wind through their whiskers while they take a nice run on the path. And, meanwhile owners enjoy their leisurely walk, hamburger and loved ones with views of Tel Aviv and its natural beauty.

Gan Meir


Named after Tel Aviv’s first mayor, Meir Dizengoff, Gan Meir is one of local dog owners’ favorite hangout spots.It is arguably the most lively dog park in Tel Aviv. Nicknamed the 24/7 doggy nightclub, there are bound to be some paws bounding after a tennis ball across the park no matter the day or time.Gan Meir attracts many dog-walkers because of its open and large space – with multiple dogs at a time there are always playmates for the pup. Located near King George Street, Gan Meir is in a central and accessible place for a break during studies or for lunch,and undoubtedly will offer new friends for all sizes and breeds.

Rothschild Boulevard

Building, Park
Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv
The trees along Rothschild Boulevard offer a shady haven on hot days | © Alex Segre / Alamy Stock Photo
Located in the heart of the White City, Rothschild Boulevard is a top-rated place for coffee, leisure, concert and theatre halls, and for days out in the city. With its unique setup of gardens down its center, benches, and coffee shops, Rothschild Boulevard is accommodating for every customer: young, old, two- and even four-legged. Rothschild has a lot of outdoor seating and an inviting setting with options of historical education, as well as the social, hangout atmosphere that Tel Aviv has to offer. Owners sit on the benches shaded by the many trees, while the dogs fetch balls and enjoy the open, and safe space of Rothschild’s Boulevard along with other dog lovers.

The Namal, Tel Aviv’s Port

Gan Ha'ir
Gan Ha'ir | ©Flavio~/Flickr
Once the city’s outcast, Tel Aviv’s port has been transformed into the talk of the town. The Namal reopened in the 1980s and attracts people of all ages, for its artists, cuisine, shops, and its view – making it a top place to enjoy with man’s best friend! With its boardwalk, wave-inspired deck and open space, Tel Aviv’s dogs have a blast. While the pup is playing with his new doggy friends, owners can enjoy live music, the view of the sunset over the sea, and even sit on the benches and tan for a bit – all while effortlessly entertaining their dog.

Gan Ha’ir

Park, University
The local dog-loving park! Located in central Tel Aviv, behind Rabin Square, Gan Ha’ir has a community atmosphere. It features fountains and open space for games of fetch, as well as benches for owners to sit on while drinking a morning coffee and watching the dogs play with their frequently seen friends. Unlike many dog parks, Gan Ha’ir doesn’t have a fence enclosing it, giving it an open feeling, as well as the sense of freedom for the dogs. Many have said that they enjoy the beaches, but Gan Ha’ir is the perfect choice for evening outings or when the sand isn’t so appealing. Gan Ha’ir is for the friendly, playful dog that enjoys a good game of fetch or a nice nap in the mild Tel Aviv sun.

By Rachel Kaufman

Rachel Kaufman is originally from Rhode Island, the smallest state in the northeast of the US. She is a university student at Tel Aviv University. Rachel enjoys her outings in Tel Aviv, now that the weather is starting to become more like spring! She likes to blog about her travels and experiences around Israel, spending time looking at the gorgeous landscape and really enjoys the excitement of Tel Aviv!

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