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Jerusalem's Local Pubs With Great Grub

Jerusalem's Local Pubs With Great Grub

Picture of Yehudah Jacobs
Updated: 22 November 2016
If a person sits at a bar and orders food and its good, they are more likely to order another drink. In Jerusalem, there are some great pubs and bars that serve great food as well. From finger foods to gourmet food, here is some of the best Jerusalem has to offer.


Yudaleh is the little brother of the renowned Machneyuda restaurant located in the Machane Yehuda market. Yudaleh is not a big venue, so you must get there early or you won’t get in. Known for its different approach to a tapas menu, you can find a fillet minion tartar on a bed of aubergine carpaccio or a flambéed polenta with asparagus. The menu is constantly changing because the chefs believe that a menu should be seasonal and not fixed. The tapas are served with some of the finest alcoholic beverages the city has to offer, Yudaleh is one of Jerusalem’s finest establishments to date.

11 Beit Yaakov st Jerusalem, Israel +972 2 533 3442



A classic Irish pub brought to the streets of Jerusalem, O’Connell gives you a taste of Ireland. Built like an authentic Irish pub, O’Connell offers 40 types of Irish whiskey as well a full service restaurant. Enjoy classic Fish n Chips, a grilled meat platter for two, or a variety of deep fried goods that go with any type of alcohol.

3 Shim’on Ben Shatakh Street Jerusalem, Israel +972 2 623 2232



Known to be a place for a young crowd, Bolinat not only serves food and drinks, it also offers different type of fun for every night of the week. One night a folk dancing party, another a poetry slam night. In the morning Bolinat turns into a coffee shop with food items like salads and sandwiches, but at night the place is rocking with hamburgers and large variety of shakes to go with them. If you are a student looking for a good night out, Bolinat is the place for you.

6 Dorot Rishonim Street, Jerusalem, Israel +972 2 624 9733



The concept that Burla offers isn’t very typical for Jerusalem night life. During the day it’s a hopping bistro, and at night it is a full-fledged Tapas bar – the first of its kind in Jerusalem. Designed like a New York gastropub, Burla offers a variety of cocktails to go with the diverse dishes they offer. From a red mullet risotto to the sauteed mushrooms in a garlic and honey sauce, Burla has much to offer when it comes to variety of dishes and drinks.

37 King George Avenue, Jerusalem, Israel +972 53 809 5175